Sinderella Online Slot Game

Sinderella Slot Game Review

The fruit machine Sinderella is a product of the company Novomatic and is designed mainly for beginners, who haven’t got any experience in online gambling. The machine allows newcomers in the world of video slots to get familiar with this type of entertainment and to win coins quickly.

The one-armed bandit Sinderella is very attractive because of the plain and colourful design, the small amount of symbols and the sinful Sinderella that acts like a wild in the game. The slot can be described as a bright and eye-catching one.

The online slot is designed by sample of the old good retro machines. The player gets the opportunity to play on 3 reels, 3 rows and 50 paylines and to collect bar symbols, sevens and fruits. Go to Fruit Slots and find a list of slots with similar characteristics practice and gain experience.

Make a bet

You won’t need any tips on online slots to play this game. All you have to do is to look through the rules and start.

The first and only thing to do before spinning the reels is to make your bet. Overall, you get 500 virtual coins on your bankroll at the begin of the game. The maximal bet per spin makes 100 coins. It is recommended not to set the maximal bet, because you will get out of coins just in a few spins. Anyway, if you want to change the size of your bet, you are allowed to do it any time you wish during the game.

The number of the lines is fixed in this game. That means that you are playing on 50 paylines the whole time. Don’t worry, that is not as bad as you might think, because this increases your chance to collect a combination.
When you are ready with the bet parameter, you can start playing. Just click on the button Start and the drums will begin to spin.

The drums can be also rotated automatically. If you want to, you can get use of the Autoplay button and just watch the process. This can be useful if you are playing for the first time. During the automatic spins you will see how it all works and maybe understand the process better. To stop the rotations, you have to press the same button again.


The slot Sinderella has only 7 symbols. The high-paying among them are the following:

  • 3 sevens (4 coins);
  • 9 bar pictures (2 coins);
  • 6 bar pictures (1,60 coins);
  • 3 bar pictures (0,60 coins).

The melon, the plum and the orange bring very small prizes. You should understand that a game like this can’t be extraordinary profitable. It is designed more for fun and isn’t the perfect slot machine game for experienced gamers, who are looking for an opportunity to make a scoop. If you aren’t one of these, press the Start button and just relax, you will get more fun than you think.

Special pictures

You may know that the special symbols are always the most profitable. The function of a special symbol has the Sinderella herself, who is a wild pictogram. The more wild symbols you get in a winning combination, the higher your win will be.

Another interesting feature has the seven. When this picture fills out all reels, you get 100 coins.
The Sinderella slot will please not only those, who haven’t got any gambling experience, but also those players, who don’t want to make big bet and like to play safely, without unneeded risks and just for fun. Although the bets are really small, the win can get quite nice. Even if the gambler plays the demo version and isn’t looking for money, the game can bring real fun, because it brings you to the retro machines of the past and takes back to the good old times.

Don’t miss the chance to become more experienced in online gambling and have a lot of fun while playing. Launch the game and collect combinations with the beautiful Sinderella. And to play this slot for real money go to XXX casinos.