Leander Games – the gambling gem of Argentine

Leander Games is quite young Argentine company that was opened in 2008. It isn’t much for a virtual gambling, so the firm is still considered to be a newcomer in the world of gambling business. But its youth doesn’t stop the company from working and creating really unique and interesting slots. Nowadays this company has few dozens of gaming machines, and most of them are placed in big modern Internet-casinos.

History and main features

The main office of Leander Games is located in Buenos Aires, but there are some office branches in Europe and USA. The founder and SEO of this firm is Ramiro Atucha, a famous person in gambling world. He has big experience in doing business and developing virtual machines. That’s why such young company is able to create quite a perspective slots. Ramiro managed to get a team of real professionals, including artists, designers, programmers, animators and even psychologists. Those people are creating slots with beautiful graphics, unique style, good sound and interesting gameplay.

Main advantages of slots made by Leander Games:

  • Qualitative graphical and sound accompaniment;
  • Intuitive controls and friendly interface;
  • Interesting gaming process;
  • High reliability.
  • Presence of free spins, additional symbols and accumulative jackpots

Leander Games cooperates with many famous casinos. Company’s slots are not ready yet to present a comprehensive solution, they can only be integrated into existing platform. But it will come later in the future. If Ramiro keeps promoting their production and improving it with such speed, then in few years his company will be able to fully answer the demands of big casinos.

Best slots

There are some of the most popular slots made by Leander Games:

  • Megadeth is a virtual slot, devoted to the popular heavy-metal band. This slot has attractive graphics and qualitative animation. But the main feature of this slot is sound accompaniment and thematic. Original soundtrack and well-known faces depicted on the reels – that’s what makes Megadeth slot memorable. Slot has 5 reels, additional symbols and free spins.
  • Little Red is a colourful slot, based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Slot has 5 reels, bonus games, Wilds and Scatters. It also features the prize free spins bonus.
  • Sinbad’s adventure is a beautiful slot, devoted to adventures of famous Sinbad the Sailor. Slot consists of 5 reels, and also it has free spins, Wild symbols and scatters.


Leander Games is a young, but quickly getting popularity company, developing qualitative games and cooperating with big casinos. If it keeps the good work, it won’t take long for it to become one of the leaders of gambling market.