Barbary Coast Online Slot Game

Barbary Coast Slot Game Review

Barbary Coast free slot machine games with free spins and bonus are devoted to the pirate adventures. Ben Sawyer, Blackbeard and a beautiful girl are the main characters of the slot games fruit cocktail. Each of them plays his own role that makes the game similar to the plot of the hazardous film. Slot machine online has special symbols and bonus rounds, which allow you to win large sums joyfully.

How to play the Barbary Coast slot

To play the slot machines gambling online should not be difficult; there is a standard game operation: 5 reels with 3 rows of pictures. You can set the number of active lines from 1 to 30 on your discretion.

Dollars are conventionally taken as the currency of the slot games, but the bets are put in credits and each of them costs from 2 cents to 1 dollar. 1-5 credits are placed on a line, the maximum round rate – 150 credits/dollars.

A chain of three and more same symbols on the active line starting from the first drum is paid according to its coefficient. You can view the factor by pressing the View Pays button in the upper right corner. There is information about the coefficients for each chain of symbols, about the winning lines location, as well as special symbols and options.

That’s enough the theory, let’s start the game! Use the control panel and look at the info strip above it, which displays the current round settings:

  • The number of active lines (Lines);
  • The number of credits on a line (Credit Per Line);
  • The balance state at current settings (Balance);
  • The balance in credits (Credits);
  • Round stake (Bet).

You can change these settings by the following way:

  1. To begin, choose the value of a credit by clicking on the Choose Coin button till then the desired number will be shown;
  2. Bet Per Lines is the next button, it is responsible for the number of credits per line, click on it and set the acceptable number;
  3. Establish the number of active lines by pressing the Select Lines key.

If these three points are tedious for you and there is enough money on your balance, you should not bother with round settings; just press the button in form of cannon located to the right beneath. That is the Max Bet Spin key – the maximum spin rate, which is of 150 dollars. Now click on the Spin button and wait for the reels stop.

If you want to play the Barbary Coast free slot machine games no money in automatic mode, push the Autoplay button to the left upwards. A new window will be opened, where you should set the number of lines (Lines), the cost of one credit (Coin Value) and the number of credits per line (Bet Per Lines).
A series of figures – the number of autospins – is located below these windows. Just click on any of the figures. Then press the Confirm button and enjoy the process.

During the automatic rotations, the Autoplay button turns in the stop Auto button. It gives you the ability to stop the auto spins and manage the game by hand or change the bet round.
There is Sound On/Off button in the upper left corner, by which you can turn off or turn on the sound.

Slot machine free games symbols

The slot is dedicated to the pirate theme and it has the corresponding symbols. They are:

  • Girl;
  • Skull in a hat;
  • Box with treasures;
  • Coins;
  • Pistol;
  • Compass;
  • Dagger lying on the map;
  • Cannon.

Five pictures with girl’s image build the most expensive combination, at which the line rate is multiplied by 300. The cannon icon has the smallest factor, its maximum size is 100.

The prize for each combination is counted by the following way: multiply the line rate by the factor of the fallen chain. The coefficient size depends on the symbols quantity. The more symbols the combination contains on an active line, the bigger the factor is. You can see it by clicking on the View Pays button.

Special symbols:

There are two ones:

  1. Free Spins – the Parrot image. When three and more such symbols appear on the active line, free rotations start, which gain is multiplied twice and more times.
  2. Wild – the Cannon picture. It can both constitute its own combinations and substitute other symbols (by shooting) to create more suitable and paid chains and multiply the winning for them.

Bonus games

Free slot machine games no sign up have three bonus games. They are launched when certain symbols fall.
Ben Sawyer image. Three such pictures trigger the bonus game beginning. Blocks are showed up before the gamer and he should randomly turn them to find out how much he has won.

Blackbeard pirate image. When that symbol appears, you will be transported on the ship board, where Ben Sawyer fights hardened Blackbeard pirate for the beautiful girl’s freedom. You should choose the sword movements from the list that Ben would make to conquer the enemy. If the pirate is defeated, the player will get the winning.
Grog game – a plodder image. Three such symbols on an active line summon the hard worker, with whom the gamer have to drink grog and play the “Eagle/tails”. If you did not guess, you have to drink, and the scale above shows the extent of your drunkenness. You should give the correct answers as many as possible; otherwise, you will be drink and will leave the game with the minimum win.