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Over the last decade online slots have become very popular among internet users. The reason behind it is that online slot games give you the casino experience sitting at the comfort of your own home. But finding out your favorite online slot game can put you through a lot of internet browsing. There is also the additional problem of either downloading or registering before you can actually begin to play. Wipe these cares out of your mind. We have the biggest collection of online slots for your ultimate gaming experience on this single site. We have collected these games through vigorously searching all over the internet and now you can find your favorite online game with us without any hassle. On top of that you can play online slots here absolutely free, you won’t even have to register or download the games. Our collection ranges from jackpot slots to video slots (Royal Cash, Triple Diamond, etc) and even 3d slots (Gold Boom, Heavenly Reels and many more).

Invention of Slot Machine:

The slot machine appeared in the casino world only around a century back and took gambling to a whole new level. This revolutionary slot machine was invented by Charles Fey who was a German immigrant living in the United States during the 1880s. The first ever slot machine carried the name Liberty Bell. This machine consisted of three reels with twenty symbols and had all the features of a modern slot machine. These three reeled classic slots (such as Ring the Bell, Trick the Treat, Fountain of Youth, Diamond Dreams, etc) are still at the summit of their popularity in the gambling word. A short while later in the year 1910 Fey and the Mills Novelty company together, began to produce slot machines industrially. In the year 1930 new features were added to the slot machine. The most important of those features was perhaps the double jackpot which gave the players a chance to try their hands twice at winning the jackpot. Now everyone can play jackpot slots online and earn actual money.

Evolution of Slots Machines:

The 1950s witnessed the rise of the Super Big Bertha which was an electro-mechanical slot machine powered with a motor of 5 hp. With this machine the chance of hitting the jackpot became a 1 in 25 billion. After this incredible developments took place in the word of slots. Computerized slots offered more options and possibilities than ever before. After the 1980s new features were added which ensured that the players can spend more time on the slot machines. It also enhanced the chance to win more money. Online slots today have changed the entire gaming scenario. Online casino slots broke the physical boundaries of the casino. Online casinos offer a wide range of online slot types. You can even play mobile slots online (Game of Thrones, Cats, Basic Instincts, etc).

Game Popularity:

Just as slots took over the gambling world from the moment of its invention, online slots became the king of online game. It has earned the right to be the most popular online game. With us you can play the free online slots as well as real money online slots. We have the greatest collection of casino games online. These slots are collected from the most popular online casinos (Vegas Palms Casino, Mansion Casino, Mr. Green Casino and many alike). Find the best online slots for real money with us. Just play online on our site and we will take care of the rest. We also have an unbelievable stock of all the new online slots available.
Originally designed as a women’s game slots have become the most wanted and played game online. It continues to be a gamblers number one choice. So inevitably, this is your ultimate destination for playing slot online.