Bally – the giant of American gambling industry

Bally is one of the oldest gambling companies, founded in the first half of XX century. Nowadays there is more than 4000 people working in the company’s main headquarters and about 25 office branches are spread all over the world. The company itself is an authoritative member of gambling industry. The main base of Bally is located in the gambling oasis of USA – Las Vegas. This company cooperates with hundreds of online and offline casinos, and passes all the needed certifications each year. But first things first.

Overview and main features

Bally was founded in USA, during the Great Depression, as company engaged in the development and sale of pinball equipment. In the 1936 Ryan Moloney, the founder of the firm, decided to engage in manufacturing of slot machines, and this was the beginning of company’s ascent to Olympus. One can easily say that Bally was the first big organization to establish the development and manufacturing of the gambling slot machines.

In the 1994 the company was purchased by Alliance Gaming Corporation, and in the 2000s it started to develop the virtual slots for online casinos.

Main advantages of Bally’s slots.

  • Qualitative graphics and sound accompaniment;
  • Unique style and certain thematic;
  • Interesting gaming process;
  • Well-made animation;
  • User-friendly interface and high reliability;

In the middle of the XX century Bally even owned some casinos. Nowadays it doesn’t own any gaming establishments, the firm is fully concentrated on creating the gambling equipment.

Production list and the best slots

The production list of this company is huge. This company creates virtual slots of different themes, electronic versions of classical card games, raffle software, systems of accumulative jackpots and so on. Also this firm cooperates with several agencies engaged in testing and rating virtual machines. Each year all Bally’s production is being carefully checked and gets quality marks as a sign of RNG working well on those slots.

Popular slots from Bally company:

Michael Jackson: King of Pop — one of the most popular slots of this company. As the name states, this slot is devoted to the King of Pop — Michael Jackson. This slot has amazing graphics, remembering soundtrack and interesting gaming process. Slots also has several bonus games, a lot of free spins and unique symbols. All Michael Jackson’s fans will enjoy the Michael Jackson: King of Pop slot machine.

Titanic is not only the big RMS being known for crushing into the iceberg; it is also a virtual slot from Bally, created after the famous movie filmed by David Cameron. Five reels of this slot depict characters from the movie. Titanic slot has several progressive jackpots, bonus games and additional Wild symbols and Scatters.

Hand of the Devil is a stylish and interesting slot that has additional Wild and Scatter symbols. The main advantages of the Hand of the Devil slot machine are the visual style and graphical shell. Sound accompaniment is also quite good and it fits the game pretty well.

Double Dragon is a slot machine, devoted to the Chinese culture. Five reels of this slot have pictures of folk decorations, hieroglyphs, fireworks, fans and paper lanterns. It also features the Wild and Scatter symbols, plus players have a chance to get additional free spins. Sadly, there is no progressive jackpots or bonus games in this slot.

Sumo Kitty is a funny slot machine with attractive graphics, qualitative sound and interesting gameplay. The players can try their luck in bonus games and prize free spins. Also this slot has unique Wild and Scatter symbols. There is no progressive jackpot there, though.

Moon Goddess is beautiful pockie machine that differs from other ones in terms of pleasant graphics and qualitative sound. This slot doesn’t have anything excessive in it. Additional scatters and wild symbols are adding some diversity into the game, and free spins and bonus games are increasing player’s chances or a win.

There is just a small part of Bally’s creations mentioned above. This firm made hundreds of slot machines and all of them are as good as the ones described above.


Bally is the largest and the biggest American company engaged in development and manufacture of the virtual gambling devices. Both casinos and players trust Bally, and this is why those gaming establishments that gave Bally’s slots installed in it, always have a lot of clients.