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The catalogue of our site contains a complete collection of slots on different subjects. Of cause, it includes classic slots – three-reel machines are not always diverse in symbols. However, they remain advantageous due to attractive benefits. You can find out more about the genre check out this article which describes in detail the basic parameters, characteristics and advantages of the machines in a retro style.

Often users look for retro slots online – while meaning classic casino games. In fact, it's the same thing, because retro slots are the same three-wheel slot machines, which are distinguished by simple design and a small number of functions. Traditionally, classic slots machines for free are those (now, including online applications) which consist of three reels and the minimum number of fixed paylines from one to five. On the field, that is formed of three rows and three columns; there are quite specific symbols that are distinctive for the genre and differ by simplicity, unlike the majority of pictures in modern machines. The number of icons in these one-armed bandits is often limited and reaches a maximum of ten pictures.

Slots are characterised by high volatility – rare but large enough rewards to pay off a few spins. With a special luck, a session can be pretty successful.

Among the most popular representatives of free online classic slot games, we can mention:

  • Always Hot (Novomatic) – classic three-wheel fruit slot with 5 paylines. The most favourable picture of the game is Seven. Collecting three of these symbols, you will receive the largest payout even at minimal stakes. The additional feature of the slot – the risk game implying guessing the card colours.
  • Double Diamond (IGT) – a game on a single payout line at stakes in the range of 10-3000 coins per classic slot’s spin. Collect three slot logos, and receive a payment with an x1000 multiplier. The symbol is also involved in the formation of other sequences as a wild picture increasing the reward x2-x4 times.
  • Couch Potato (Microgaming) – a one-armed bandit where various combinations can be collected on one line. Even three uneven pictures in a row will be rewarded. The most valuable icon of the game is the logo, it brings the largest payments for a sequence and acts as a wild symbol. When it appears in one or two positions in a combination, the image increases payouts by 5-25 times.
  • Super Nudge 6000 (NetEnt) – a classic slot machine with two playfields – the main and the prize reeland, where especially valuable characters appear. The main benefit of the slot is a bonus round on extra reels, which is launched for points earned during usual spins.
  • Random Runner (Novomatic) – an interesting device with the possibility to activate bonus rounds on extra reels. Rotate the wheels on the main screen, collect combinations on one payout line and gather points to start the bonus round; pictures on the bonus screen bring large rewards.

However, with the development of the gaming industry and the emergence of new technologies and techniques, classics section included devices with five reels and additional features.

Kinds of classic slots

Given that the concept of “classics” changes over the years, to date, slots of this genre can be divided into several groups different both structurally and functionally. In general, one-armed bandits included in “Hall of Fame” of the industry can be divided into:

  1. Traditional 3 reel classic slots in digital form using a fruit theme or common in the early days of slot machines symbols.
  2. One-armed bandits with three reels, visually executed in the style of the 30-50s of the twentieth century.
  3. Modern devices that are the most popular, and therefore are ranked as excellent representatives of the gambling niches.

Each category requires special attention, specifications and descriptions for maximum disclosure of the concept of classic slots with no download. That is why, let’s look at each of the following categories separately, paying attention to the structure, the rules and the opportunities of users during a session.

Classic 3-reel slots

A device runs on three reels with 1-5 paylines – it is an example of classic, designed according to the principle of slots available on the market at the dawn of the one-armed bandits. Such free classic pub slots with bells, stars, fruits and sevens, BAR logos stood at US ground-based venues.

Despite the same type of machines belonging to this category, you can see diverse patterns and understand how different to each other are classic 3 reel online slots. To understand the wide borders of the group, let’s consider the similarities and differences of such machines.

The structure of classic slot games with three wheels

A common to all machines of this design feature is the number of reels involved in the game. Traditionally, there are three columns. But the main difference between them is the number of lines provided. So, you can find:

  • Machines with one payout line. The main advantage of the slots is the opportunity to collect a combination paying off the bet on a rotation multiple times. The main pitfall – low frequency of combinations. The inner cell can catch a symbol as well as a blank between two pictures. Thus, the probability of combinations is reduced.
  • Classic slot machines with three lines. These units offer a field of 3×3 cells, increasing the chance of winning combinations. The prize can be obtained by collecting a sequence on 3 strips. Here, the bet per spin is formed of three bets per line. So the user pays more for the rotation of images, though a chance to get paid increases with the price.
  • One-armed bandits with 5 lines. In addition to three horizontal, there are two more strips uniting the upper and lower corners of the screen diagonally. With such a ratio of the reels and strips, the chance to get payment grows.

It is worth remembering that all free classic slots have a distinctive feature – high volatility. That is why such machines are of interest among admirers of large payouts for simple combinations. At the same time, do not forget to monitor your bankroll and to experiment with stakes. Given the low frequency of the formation of sequences, spinning the reels as long as possible is of the best interest of players.

Check out our list of the slot machines with three reels and find one to your likings.

Bonuses on slots with three reels

Oddly enough, but even with such minimal conditions, the developers manage to implement some playing advantages that are beneficial for users during a session. The most common benefits of classic slots are:

  1. Special symbols. As a rule, these are the most expensive pictures or game logos that complement combinations or allow you to collect a non-standard sequence. Thus, special slot symbols can include cherries which bring payments appearing on a line regardless of the nominal value or the presence of other characters.
  2. Nudges. This is a feature which allows you to rotate a reel one cell up or down to make a bonus sequence. The benefit is implemented in two forms – random or activated by the player for an additional fee.
  3. Hold. The advantage allows you to lock one or two reels after a turnover if identical pictures or symbol of high value appeared on the screen. Next spin will launch the rotation of only one wheel, which increases the probability of the desired element and the formation of a sequence. This function can also be activated automatically or at the request of the player.
  4. Risk game. Some classic free slots offer to play for the amount received as a result of a successful spin. Most often, to double the payout, the player is offered to guess the colour of a card or the side of a coin – heads or tails.

Obviously, these additional features are more modest than on modern slots. And yet, they increase the attractiveness of classical machines allowing the user to affect the gameplay partially.

Stylised retro slots

Visual classic – it is a kind of retro decoration of slot machines. Recognisable box forms, the presence of virtual volume buttons on the panel, the interior of a free online classic slot – all these creates a sense of immersion in the past. But do not equal a retro design and being “out of date”. Often, a visual solution is no more than a special shell for the hidden benefits of a game.

Let’s sort out the structure of such machines.

How do retro slots work

Most often, retro machines inherit the basic principles of the classics. Their design includes:

  • 3 reels;
  • 1-5 paylines in the primary mode;
  • standard pictures typical for traditional devices.

However, the potential of this type of gambling entertainment is often greater than in classical representatives of the genre. Such machines include a second screen with additional wheels for special games, counters for bonus offers, the conditions under which you can run an extra spin or rotate the reels for free.

These structural features of one-armed bandits are worth mentioning in the context of Bonuses and benefits.

Additional features of free old school classic slots

Among the bonuses that you can get on classic slots for fun, there are not only described above advantages of the previous category but also special benefits diversifying the gameplay. They include:

  1. Play classic online slots on the additional screen. Some of the one-armed bandits divide characters into two categories – those that are found in the main game and those that spin on the bonus reels. Icons of new wheels are generally with higher multipliers. Therefore, the primary task of the player is to fulfil certain conditions to gain access to the bonus tour.
  2. Free spins. A certain subtype of vintage machines includes exclusive pictures that allow activating free spins. For example, free classic slot no download Super Dice by Novomatic company offers to collect the dice in three positions to get a random number of turnovers without cash withdrawals – from 1 to 6. Each of these rotations brings a guaranteed winning combination on this specified online classic slot.
  3. Counters. On some devices, you may notice additional screens and graphs displaying digits. This is a potential gain that the user receives upon the fulfilling some conditions or at random. Often, these scales represent multipliers for bets in the case of a successful combination.
  4. Jackpots. While standard free 3 reel classic slots often offer fixed jackpots – the biggest prizes for a sequence of icons, retro devices are more likely to introduce progressive rewards. The difference is that the pot does not stop increasing at any particular value. It accumulates in the course of a session getting formed by partial contributions from bets.

From the presented above benefits, you can see that modern slots are designed in the old school style, involve more opportunities and more dynamic game. These slot machines also give out infrequent though significant rewards, and the chance to use prize modes to diversify a session.


Modern free classic video slots are also passing the test of time and users impressions. Among the many applications, some machines are holding top positions for many years and not yielding an inch to the latest developments in the sphere of gambling entertainment. Such devices are Gonzo's Quest by NetEnt studio, Book of Ra by the Novomatic company and Cleopatra from American developer IGT.

The main characteristics of neoclassical slots

The top machines that are in high demand and serve as prototypes for new gambling content are different in structure from free classic slot machine games.

  • They have 5 reels. The increase in the number of coils affects the odds of more big and valuable combinations to appear and gives scope for the realisation of the benefits that are activated by additional symbols.
  • Offer a game on 9-100 paylines with the possibility to set any number of them in the provided range. The growth of lines can increase the probability of prize sequences, and the access to the management of lines involved in the free online classic casino slot is provided for controlling the bankroll.
  • They contain special symbols – one or more pictures with additional features together with the ability to form combinations.

It should be noted, that in comparison with the free 3 reel slots, the volatility of these devices is a little decreased. The combinations fell out more often and pay less. The focus in a session on classic free slot games of this kind is made on the activation of bonus features. Built-in mini-games and unique opportunities hide the greatest gains. Spins on the primary field boil down to the search for specific pictures and periodic payouts for wagering bets.

Gameplay benefits

So, having figured that the “field of possibilities” for manufacturers had expanded, it is worth considering how slot’s developers used the acquired potential. In modern “classic” devices, bonuses are considered to be the key element. Advantages are involved in the basic game as well as in rounds upon the activation of certain benefits.

Thus, by rotating the reels, you can get:

  1. Benefits from wild symbols. On classic 5 reel slots, wilds can act in different ways while keeping the main feature – the ability to supplement combinations. These icons can bring multipliers, stick to the cell and remain stationary during one/several subsequent spins, expand over the entire reel or cover multiple cells. In any of the options, the point of these pictures is to increase the odds of sequences formation.
  2. Advantages of scatter symbols. Scatter – it is an image that is counted regardless of the position on the reels. Thus, three such symbols can bring payouts even if they are not on the one line. The coefficients assigned to them affect the total bet. Also, scatter symbols often activate additional benefits – open bonus levels, trigger free rotations or give instant random rewards.
  3. Free spins – are spins of reels on the most favourable terms. A standard feature of such bonus – no need to pay for rotations of symbols and being able to collect a combo at the same time. Often, additional benefits take place during free spins – multipliers for all payments, extra wilds, the possibility to prolong the series.
  4. Bonus levels. Built-in mini-games, run in the case if some conditions are fulfilled, allow earning additional credits or multipliers for the total bet. Often, these rounds offer to select multiple objects which are hiding rewards inside.

Players often get additional opportunities in the process of spinning the reels without activating bonus tours. So, on the free classic slot for fun Gonzo's Quest, you can notice an original mechanics of forming combinations. Symbols involved in a sequence disappear, and those that were above occupied vacant cells. This shift makes it possible to create new sequences, each subsequent of them will be evaluated with a new multiplier (up to x5).

Who produces classic casino slots

Developing slot games, every company, in general, hopes that once released to the market, the product will become a classic. But if to look at machines in the context of “loyalty to tradition” and the use of certain structures (meaning three-reel slot machines), such devices can be found in portfolios of large manufacturers.

Among the most famous developers creating three-wheel one-armed bandits, we can note:

  • Novomatic;
  • Microgaming;
  • IGT;
  • NetEnt;
  • RTG;
  • Saucify and other equally well-known companies.

The popularity of such slot machines is due to the possibility to get a big win spinning the reels at low stakes. Also, old fashioned slot games are well suited for beginners just starting to master the principles of gambling sessions and hone their skills of bankroll management. Go to the one-armed bandits page to see the full list of slots.

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