Cats Royal Online Slot Game

Cats Royal Slot Game Review

Slot is played on five wheels; bets are placed on twenty paylines. The theme is the lives of wild cats in forest prairies. They live not bad at all.

Risky bet

In the gambling slot machine Cats Royal, bets are provided in the size of 20, 40, 100, 200 and 400 coins.

The starting stake needed to activate spinning the disks is equal to ten thousand coins. Although a winning is not added to the money put at stake, the game is attractive. It is difficult to imagine the limit of profits that can be obtained at the maximum rate. But the adrenaline during the game plays not only for this.

Every two-three spins a winning combination appears. Everything is possible: increasing money prize several times, bonus games and rounds. A winning even at the minimum rate is more than one hundred coins.

The Cat that brings profit

Playing on the free slot machine video games Cats Royal brings pleasure. What can compare with the anticipation of a quick victory? 12 symbols of the video slot bring the victory closer. There are nine ordinary symbols among these pictures.

Speaking of luck, the most solid winnings are brought by wild cats.

Among the five furry predators, we have:

  1. Ussuri white tiger.
  2. Black puma.
  3. Spotted leopard.

The lion and the ussuri tiger bring the following benefits:

  • If two pictograms – 5 coins;
  • When three – 25;
  • When four – 150;
  • When five – 500 coins.

The black puma brings:

  • When three – 20 coins;
  • When four – 120;
  • When five – 400 coins.

When the Leopard or Lynx appear, they bring:

  • When three – 10 coins;
  • When four – 50;
  • When five – 200 coins.


Special symbols

But the luckiest combinations include:

  1. Wild Symbol (the icon of the cat trail);
  2. Special Wild symbol (the picture “wild multiplay”);
  3. Cat scatter (the tree trunk);
  4. The combination of all symbols.

The more cat traces on reels, the more fascinating is the game. So:

  • Two traces give 10 coins;
  • Three – 100;
  • Four – 500;
  • Five give 1000 coins.

This Wild symbol is considered winning in any combination of symbols. At the same time, the winning is doubled.

The “Wild multiplay” is activated when it falls on the fifth reel. The symbol is a winning for all symbols. When it forms a lucky combination, a reward is increased 20 times. The “Wild multiplay” on all reels gives a free bonus mini game.

The scatter symbol on the slot machines free to play is the tree trunk. Cats like it! When two or more animals of the same breed appear on 2, 3 or 4 reels, 40 coins are added to the winning.

But that’s not all. Three scatters give players a free bonus game. Each successful spin increases the money prize in multiple progressions.

At this point, miracles don’t end. There is a chance to win a jackpot. All you need is that all symbols simultaneously drop on the reels.

This involves ten free spins bonus. Each winning spin multiplies a payout by the multiplier.

Ii is easy to get a solid payout

To win a solid jackpot in the slots games, you don’t need to search for a hot slot machine. A little patience and the money will go to your hands.

Choose the bet of 200 or 400 coins. A payout will increase many times. It is no longer about hundreds but about thousands of coins.

With frequent appearance of Wild and Scatter symbols in different combinations, multiple factors  increase winnings many times.

With the slot machine online, a high level of adrenaline is guaranteed.