Amatic Industries – leader of the gambling market in Austria

Amatic Industries is a large Austrian company, that appeared on the market in the 1993. For more than twenty years of existence, the company has managed to build a large customer base and raised the value of their shares by the hundreds of times.

Amatic Industries – is a large Austrian company, which appeared on the market in late 1993. For more than twenty years of existence, the company has managed to build a large customer base and raised the value of their shares for the hundred times. Today Amatic Industries slots are placed in many major casinos and virtual machines exist on popular Internet gambling sites.

Origins and features

As mentioned above, Amatic Industries appeared in 1993. Initially it was just a small family business. The founders of the company had big experience in the gaming environment, so they were able to quickly put the company on its feet. Initially the company developed and designed the machine for the real casinos, but in 2011 it switched to virtual gambling.

Main features of Amatic Industries:

  • High level of graphics and sounds;
  • Engaging gaming process;
  • The presence of unique ideas and concepts;
  • High reliability;
  • Unique style;
  • The availability of free spins, bonus games and progressive jackpots.

Amatic Industries produces a lot of gambling machines, but the most of them are classic machines, seasoned with modern graphics and new functions. Most of them are virtual copies of offline slots.

Cooperation with casinos

Those slots are quite popular in online-casinos of Europe, and they are also loved in Asia and North America. Offline slots of Amatic Industries are situated in some casinos of Las Vegas and Macau. Online versions of slots are located in:

  • TTR Casino is one of the biggest casinos in the whole world, insanely popular among the online players. This casino offers a big choice of virtual machines, and also holds multiple events with expensive prizes and gaming bonuses.
  • Red Star Casino is a popular establishment too, known for its frequent and big jackpots. This casino hosts prize raffles each week, and hold lotteries with big gaming prizes.
  • Marathon Casino is a popular gaming establishment with a lot of slots from Amatic Industries. This casino has nothing excessive in it. Big choice of modern slots attracts millions of people each month, and the quality of those machines increases the overall rating and casino reputable greatly.

Popular slots

Some of the most popular virtual slots made by this company are Deuces Wild, Multi Win, Joker's Card, Fruit Poker. Those are classic machines with five wheels, active lines, progressive jackpots, free spins, extra scatter and wild symbols. They also possess a double-up game mode.

The hallmark of the Amatic Industries company is the virtual adaptation of Blackjack game, which can be player by one, two or three players.


Amatic Industries is a large and well-known company, earned its reputation by creating decent and interesting slot machines. Company's cooperation with large online and offline casinos increases its importance for the gambling world.