Streak of Luck Online Slot Game

Streak of Luck Slot Game Review

This slot jackpot casino belongs to classical gambling machines with five reels. Graphics in Streak of Luck is created in soft and soothing colours, and the musical background made in such way that one can easily imagine himself in crowded land-based casino. This creates special mood. Slot has 50 available game lines. The game process is made in such way, that the more player spins the reels, the more bonuses he will get.

Principle of the game

In order to start the game on this video slot Streak of Luck gambler will have to select the rate size. The minimal one on slot machines at casinos is 0,01 euro and the maximal one – 0,4 euro. You cannot choose here the number of active lines (you will see this in “Lines” window). That is why you should take into consideration the fact, that the bet is made on all lines at the same time. The amount of funds for bet is regulated with + and -. To spin the reels, player should press on “Spin” button.

The number in “Win” field shows the prizes which gambler won for the last round. The total bet for next rotation is indicated in “Total bet” window. In Streak of Luck popular casino slot machines there is function of automatic game, that is started with “Auto Play” key. When you press on it, the pop-up window where you can choose the number of auto-spins from 10 to 99 will appear. Player has also the choice of continuous rotations: in this case, slot will work until player decides to stop this process.

User can also speed up the animation of drums with the help of “Turbo Mode” button and get detailed information about the game in the informational window – “Info”. Here is presented the total list of awards for each of symbols and button, that opens the little textbook. Besides, in the info section of slot machines you will be able to read rules of bonus round, schemes of pay lines and description of mechanism of free spins achievement and jackpot’s winning.


During the game process of Streak of Luck gambling machine, user will see playing cards, from ace to ten and other characters as well:

  • Ladybird;
  • Cat;
  • Horseshoe;
  • Japanese coin;
  • Acorn;
  • Leaf of clover.

Apart from these main pictures, Streak of Luck has three special symbols:

  1. Bonus symbol – dice may fall out on 1st, 3rd and 5th reels;
  2. Scatter in free online slots for Android, that is represented in the form of playing cards with words “Luck” on them. They may give player bonus of 3 rates, when three of them fall out on the screen. Four such symbols will present user with 10 rates and five – with 50;
  3. Wild symbol, which looks like a girl with playing cards. She can replace all other symbols, except for special ones.

Bonus round

When you are transferred to the bonus round, you’ll have to play dice three times by “Roll” button. The won bonuses will be indicated in the strip on the right side. When identical numbers drop out on the screen of free online hot slots, gambler gets one more try. If number 7 falls out two times in a row, player will get a prize in the amount of his rate, multiplied by 20. For three 7s he receives 200 placed bets. In this case, he doesn’t get his prize for the two sevens. Won awards will be added to the total amount of prized in this round and if the bonus-level activates during the free games, payer’s pay-out will be doubled.

Free spins

When player succeeds in winning four spins in a row, he activates special round of free online slots with bonuses, where he has an opportunity to get up to 60 free spins for them. The winnings for this rounds will be shown in the stripe on the right side. If series of victories interrupt, gambler gets the last won prize.


Player can also hit jackpot here by making 10 successful spin at stretch. Slot machine has 6 separate jackpots. The size of it depends on placed bet, and after the ninth win gambler gets his prize according to it.

Free online video slot games Streak of Luck are well-memorable due to the unusual realization of free spins of reels concept, that differs from other same-type slots. The bigger number of game lines makes game process more interesting, and the detailed informational section will let beginners to get acquainted in detail with game process and start to win.