White King Online Slot Game

White King Slot Game Review

D:Good news! White King slot machine is now available on this page for free. Put your bets on 40 lines and win more prizes in Majestic Nights free games.

The highest gaming standards maintained by Playtech are perfectly revealed in other animal-themed slot game powered by this software – White King slot machine for free. 40 paylines and 1000 coins jackpot is what strikes the player`s eye from the first sight, but after taking a closer look we see that gorgeous graphics and rewarding bonus features are worth to be mentioned.

On this page, we provide comprehensive review of this relatively new slot (it was released in 2014) which will cover the next points:

  • Game`s menu panel and optional buttons review
  • Gameplay order and general rules
  • Paytable section observation
  • Characteristics of symbols and their pay-outs
  • In-depth look at bonus features
  • Slot machines beating tips and secrets
  • Widespread myths about slots
  • Game`s history and background
  • The role of casino slots theme for player

Gameplay Order

Presented slot machine has simple interface typical for Playtech which includes set of optional buttons necessary for easy and convenient gameplay. Menu panel is placed under the playing field and has the following buttons:

    • Lines window is supplied with “+/-” icons which allow to regulate number of paylines player wants to put for current spin. In this game, there are 40 betting lines, so to choose appropriate number click those icons for necessary number of times.
    • Launching this slot games for fun we see that Line Bet sector works due to the same pattern: the window is surrounded by “+/-” icons which control bet amount per one line – from € 0.01 to € 50.
    • Bet Max is a very convenient option suitable for gamblers who used to put only the big stakes. Press this button and automatically place the highest possible wager that equals neither more nor less € 2000.
    • Autoplay button is used to launch series of repeated spins lasting for certain number of times selected by the player – from 10 to 99 or until the beginning of bonus feature.
    • If you are used to play online slots just for fun, you probably know that Spin button is also used to make the reels spinning but only for once.
    • In the centre of menu panel there are two informative windows which display player’s total bet and last win.
    • Info button placed in left bottom corner of the playing field is responsible for displaying very important section called Paytable. It is created to display value of each symbol and cost of winning combinations they complete. It also includes general rules of the game, and explains conditions of bonus and regular sequences.

    Well, the outer shell of this free video online slots gameplay is now discussed and it is high time to examine what is hidden inside of Paytable.

    Symbols and their payouts

    Opening the first page of Paytable we see that all symbols are represented in images of wild animals, card letters, numbers and the most highly paid regular icon – the Crown.

    Typically for all slot machines cards of different rates are the cheapest icons, however 3-5 symbols of a kind are able to increase your bankroll with payout, even if it is not high:

    • Winning combination completed from 3-5 cards rated as 9 and 10 brings the player 5-100 credits respectively. Note, that all combinations formed by regular symbols are paid if they are landed on selected paylines and if symbols go directly one after another.
    • In this casino slot machine for free Jack and Queen cards are of a higher value: 5 identical symbols placed next to each other on active betting line cost 150 credits – much better, isn’t it? Although Ace and King cards have the highest rate in deck, their payouts don`t differ from Jack and Queen – up to 150 credits for the winning chain completed from similar icons on chosen betting line
    • Now we’ve come to more expensive and cute symbols – images of beautiful wild animals such as lion, eagle and 2 female lions. Each of them gives a chance for good prizes being landed on chosen payline in strictly consequent order. Thus, 3-5 symbols of a kind are valued with 15-250 credits.
    • This time let’s find out what regular (not bonus) symbol is the most rewarding one in presented slot machines games. Up to 400 credits for 5 alike symbols appeared on a payline … are granted for golden crown chain! Only special bonus icons attain much value and of course even more credits can be earned during special rewarding rounds which we are going to discuss in the next paragraph.

    Bonus symbols and games

    The face of big white lion is a symbol that acts as Wild and replaces other symbols appearing on reels. It helps to form new winning chains and can be stacked on reels during the feature. During the gameplay, it also acts as Stacked Wild symbol which covers additional positions on reels and creating more and more paying conjunctions.

    White King emblem is beneficial Scatter symbol that multiplies all payouts x3 and appears only on reels 2, 3, 4. As it usually occurs in online slots and games when you see 3 Scatters occupying the reels mentioned above 5 free games won`t take long to be triggered. What is more pleasant, that free spins round involve more Wild symbols than initial regular one. Moreover, additional free games can be won by landing 3 Scatters one more time and actually not the one.

    The third Paytable page displays all possible payline schemes and states some general rules: all winning combinations are paid left to right, only the biggest prize on a line is credited to the balance.

    How To Trick Slot Machine

    Many players who know the taste of easy money won on free slots online machines has thought about how to trick it. You did it too? Well, let`s discuss the issue which is however too hot, interesting and too controversial.

    Now, let`s clarify one thing – it is impossible to cheat slot machine without making any changes in its firmware or flash module. Yes, we have to admit it: there are no effective betting strategies on slots that can help you to win jackpot or to land winning combination on cyclical or permanent basis.

    That also means that there are no ways to cheat online slots mobile and instant games because it is impossible to change its settings for ordinary user no matter if you launch free demo or play for money in online casino. Do you still want to try to draw more benefit from tricky one-armed bandit? Then, choose land based casino or gambling club to test some methods which are not so easy by the way:

    • First, you should be deft enough in order to break the system board. For this purpose you have to find special key and prepare it beforehand. You may ask where to find it? There are two ways, borrow it from casino owner or buy on suspicious websites (which of course give no warranties)
    • When you got access to system board the second step is to change settings in slot machine firmware or to install new one with the bug trying your best to beat slot machine. The same things can be done with machine flash module – simply speaking, you have to put your own

    In case of online slots every gambler should know that the result of the spin (the combination landed on reels when the spin is produced) is determined by Random Number Generator which has no algorithm, which is really random guys. It starts completing the combination at the same exact second when you hit Spin button, but not when the spin is over. That is why, dear players, who like stopping the spins in any certain moment – this manipulation is completely useless in online slots that are free because the result was programmed exactly when you have triggered the spin, but not when you have stopped it.

    What else we can add to this topic? Maybe only some myths on this theme that have become so popular but often are deprived of any common sense. Do you want to know what are they? So, let’s jump right in, mates!

    Common Myths About Slot Machines

    If you are fond of gambling for quite a long time, you are probably tired of hearing about such “effective” strategies like making breaks during the gameplay, having the goal to win your lost bets back and make the balance window displaying the round sum, etc. Taking into account the fact about RNG, it becomes obvious that all these actions are similar to magic rituals of shaman in the full noon. In entertaining purposes mostly, we have prepared a list of widespread gambling fictions you can find on web about online slots with free bonus:

    • The best time to stop making bets is when your payouts have increased initial stake amount x4 times (seriously, 4? Why not 3, 5 or 10?).
    • The slot machine cannot produce more than 12 winning spins in a row (who has checked this, nobody knows).
    • Some players are sure that they increase their winning chances by waiting 10 seconds between putting the coin/bill in the slot (or setting wager if playing online). Yes, they believe it is not good to deposit the entire sum at once, it is compulsory to do it bit by bit.
    • And more precisely about the stakes: some “experts” claim that wagering the highest or the lowest number of coins means absolute ruin of your hopes for win – they advise to bet middle amount
    • E-books about methods helping to beat slots free games are always written by professional gamblers who earn their living by making bets. On the contrary, people who consider gambling serious and play responsibility will never tell you that there are any effective strategies that work.

    Slot Machines Secrets

    In previous paragraph we have provided some myths which don’t work in gambling but to be fair it is necessary to admit that there are several small tips, secrets that can make your gaming experience more rewarding:

    • First, pay attention to slot machines RTP rate, the higher – the better.
    • Second, don’t ever play being drunk or let’s paraphrase – don`t drink alcohol while betting real cash (and in general, having any money deals).
    • Before starting playing slots free games casino, define the budget you can afford to stake. The best way to do this is to determine amount of cash you can lose and not get upset or frustrated.
    • One of the tips that helps to determine slot machine with high winning chances is to examine its Paytable and check how many symbols are there and how diverse are they. Analyzing the number of possible rewarding combinations, we can logically assume that larger number of symbols gives lower number of rewarding conjunctions.
    • In connection with preceding point, we can say that frequently classical fruit-machines pay more than modernized video slots with animated bonus rounds.

    White King free slots history

    In September 2014 Playtech added official preview of White King slot on company’s YouTube channel. This one-minute video displays all advantages of new slot machine and starts from engaging characteristic of main symbol: “Mysterious White King brings riches and fortunes to all who see him”. All slot`s special and most lucrative features are displayed: stacked wild symbols and Majestic Night Free Games. The programmers also announce that this enthralling video slot will be available in best Playtech casinos on PC and on mobile devices.

    Theme of White King slot

    In the Wild life special recessive gene gives the lions unusual white colour. It distinguishes them from their brethren and adds special magical charm as well as white lion symbol gifts lots of valuable prizes in same-named slot machine. The theme of this Playtech slots for fun online is devoted to incredible beauty of nature, its immutability and harmony.

    Apart from cute animals we see colossal mountains and green grass on the playing field background. While the gameplay the scene also changes from day to night and vice versa. Playing this game gambler faces wins and misfortunes, he challenges his luck that is as changeable as the nature around us.

    To summarize all it up, we can say that this gaming machine is remarkable not only with advanced graphical and musical effects, nice symbols and original bonus features but it also grants a kind of philosophic and evaluated mood – the fact that is impossible to underestimate. With this theme ordinary slot machine acquires not just entertaining but educational character making people think not just about the money but about eternal values.