Hot Gems Online Slot Game

Hot Gems Slot Game Review

Discover interesting offer by Playtech – Hot Gems free slots on online released in 2012 year. This 25 fixed lines game shows its own interpretation of the classical gems and treasures theme. Use the opportunity to explore the old mine together with hard-working and lucky dwarf which appears before columns, he is dancing and cheering you. Find your treasures and do not be afraid of explosions – they help to create the winning chains. In addition, free spins mode rewards you with growing multiplier.

Features and general rules

Hot Gems by Playtech slot is created with 5 reels, 3 traditional rows and 25 fixed lines. This game does not involve a lot of settings, so only altering the stake per line and switching to manual or autoplay mode you will be ready to start the game. This casino slot for fun has ordinary system for assembling pays from the left reel to the right. The win amount depends on the set bet per line that multiplies the outlined credits in Info area.

Of course, it is necessary to learn more about all peculiar symbols and its bonuses, so just look through Info area to get the general impression about it. In this game, you can collect free spins with growing multipliers, estimate its exclusive collapsing feature and just enjoy its bright precious interface with many gems.

Gameplay settings: from bet to sound effects

Do not hurry to press on Spin button and start working in mine, before you have not learnt everything about adjusting the free slots and setting your own wagers and other parameters that effects wins. Therefore, in order to regulate your stake and manage the bankroll, place the preferable bet using such option as:

  • Line Bet
  • Hot Gems video slot has only this criterion for regulating the total bet. As far as the game is developed with 25 fixed wagering lines, the general stake shown on the screen Total Bet is calculated due to equation;

  • Line bet x 25 fixed lines.

It is possible to set the bet per one paying line in the range from 0.20 credits (the minimal) up to 5 credits (the ultimate one). The middle stake that can be chosen here is 1 credit. In such a way, you have only three variants for slots online betting – 0.20, 1 and 5 credits. And due to the abovementioned formula the general stake will be 5, 25, 125 pounds respectively. When you finish adjusting those configurations, check the Total Bet on the screen before starting the game.

As for the modes, this slot can be triggered each time manually with Spin button, or automatically after making some settings with Auto Play. Thus, for single rotation press on Spin (this button is in form of grey stone). Auto Play mode involves the defined amount of spins – 10, 25, 50, or 99 auto spins. It is possible to stop the series of automatic games any time by activation of Stop button.

In addition, on the settings panel you can notice the button called Info. It leads you to Paytable area revealing all coefficients, symbols and other features achievable in slots online new.

Moreover, you have access to extra configurations with special buttons that are placed at the right upper corner:

  • Spanner – expands the following menu: History (only for money-mode), Options (advanced configurations for game and audio) and Help (opens the database with detailed rules).
  • Volume – you can turn on/off sound effects with it, as well as control its level.

Symbols and coefficients

Diverse symbols that create various combinations are spinning on 5 reels. For reviewing all possible winning chains, as well as learning peculiar details about the Hot Gems slot use Info and Help buttons.

The Info expands the Paytable including 3 slides with information about pays and features. For listing them use buttons with arrows. In addition, click on Show Paylines and open new slide with schemes for each wagering line from the 1st to the 25th. To return to the Info click on Hide Paylines, and to start online slots gaming use button Back.

You will find a lot of precious gems and lucky dwarf working in mine in this game. As you have noticed from the preview to slot, he has managed to find the ‘gold mine’ and now he just needs some help to assemble all those stones into precious combos. All winning chains here pay only from the leftmost reel to the rightmost. Traditionally, the exception was made for Scatters bringing rewards from any place on the gaming field.

Another important point about calculating rewards – only the most precious win per line is paid and it is multiplied by stake per line, whilst the Scatter – the total bet.

Reviewing the slots symbols you may find the ordinary ones – multi-coloured gems that are assembled in combos from three of a kind (most of them). However, green and orange gems may create two of a kind chains with the coefficient 2.

Pictures are the most rewarding symbols and they are the following ones (from the most paying to less):

  • Miner dwarf – five of a kind: 5000 gaming credits
  • Lantern – five of a kind: 400 gaming credits
  • Pick axe – five of a kind: 300 gaming credits
  • Trolley mine – five of a kind: 200 gaming credits

What is it the ‘gaming credit’? It is the sum meant for each combo that can be created here. The point is that its amount is multiplied by bet per line. For example, you have collected 3 miner dwarfs with the stake per line 5 pounds. The x3 dwarf pays 100 slots free credit, so you have just won 500 pounds.

Also, three special icons with features are added to this slot and they are Wild, Scatter and Free Games symbols. They are the rarest ones; however, they bring the most incredible prizes to lucky players who caught them on the certain reels or anywhere on the gaming field:

  • Wild – designed as icon with ‘Wild’ title on it, lands only on the middle reels.
  • Scatter – the picture with ‘Hot Gems’, this logo can be caught on any place.
  • Free spins – looks the same, but with ‘Free Games’ title, appears only on the odd-numbered columns.

Features and bonuses

In Hot Gems game you can enjoy substituting wild, collapsing reels’ feature, 15 free spins with multiplier and total stake multiplier triggered by Scatter. Now more peculiarities about all slots bonus terms and conditions.

Wild is traditional icon in every slot. It completes the winning chains acting as that missed element. One wild stands for one icon only (if any winning combos are possible on the reels). It can replace any icons, except for other special ones – Hot Gems and Free Games.

Scatter acts as total bet multiplier. It pays landing on any place and does not need to be assembled on any chain. All multiplied amounts are summed up with another wins. Collecting two and more Scatters, you increase the general stake:

  • With 2 – just once;
  • Whilst with 5 of them – 100 times.

The ‘Collapsing Reels’ feature is active in main and free spins games. After creating the winning chain and collecting the pays for it, you will see how those icons assembled in combination literally explode. They leave the place for new ones dropping from above. If any combo appears, the procedure is repeated until there will not be any winning chain. Even such special icons as Scatter and Free games can be blown up.

Online slots free spins are triggered with the three Free Spins logos caught on its odd reels. This mode is created with collapsing reels’ multiplier. It means that each spin with wins triggers the collapsing feature and the initial multiplier grows due to the amount of those ‘collapsed’ reels per 1 free spin. It involves such peculiarities:

  • Each free spin is started with x1 multiplier.
  • With each collapsed chain it grows: +1 coefficient.
  • The ultimate possible multiplier per free spin is x5.
  • New free spin resets the multiplier and it becomes x1.

When the mode is ended, you will be shown the accumulated wins. To return to the main game click on continue. It is impossible to retrigger free games.

How to trick the slot machine

All players like to win. It is more than simple statement. Actually, the idea to hit the jackpot slots online lures all gamblers to online casinos and makes them spinning reels hoping to take the house. Some avid ones try to share few secrets how to trick slot or describe the peculiar conditions fulfilling which this game starts paying you. However, if to apply to logic, common sense and science, you will see that it is impossible to trick this machine. Why so? Because video slot is developed with random number generator that creates unpredictable chains of the outcomes. With the microprocessor inside it, it is possible to write the various sequences and codes for each symbol from the gameplay. Add bright graphic, intriguing plot and nice gaming atmosphere. Voila. We have just made our own video slot. So, it is nothing, but simple Maths and probability theory that cannot be tricked or predicted. Moreover, some casino slot machines online do not stop working even if they are not being played, whilst others can defeat all data and start from another one.

However, we can share with you some advices that surely will be helpful for you, when you start playing any slot. They are based on such things as Slot, RTP and Bankroll. Those parameters are truly important ones, especially bankroll:

  • Define the certain sum for betting and divide it into few parts.
  • Set loss and win limits too.

Such simple regulations will help you to manage your balance and you will not find yourself being cleaned out.

As about slot games new, the most important moment is to know everything about the game you are going to play. So you can estimate all pros and cons and make a decision whether to trigger it or not.

And the last parameter, it is RTP – the theoretical return to player. It shows how much the game may return you. However, be careful with its data. Even though the Hot Gems slot involves pretty high RTP – 95.99%, nobody can say when it happens.

Secrets of the slot machine

Another curious topic about slot machines is its secrets. Is it possible to create any exclusive combinations? Can I face with feature that is not outlined in the Pay table? Еhe answer is – no. Eeverything you can get in this casino online game free has been already described in the Info and Rules.

So, if you wish to know some ‘secrets’, we offer you to check those sections and you will be able to estimate the game you are dealing with. As about Hot Gems special options, we have already outlined them in features and bonuses area. Also, another helpful tip, that is not secret at all – bet wisely accordingly to the wins. We cannot recommend you to use some popular strategies applied to the roulette, because you will not find ‘save outside wagers’ in any slot.

Myths about slot machine

This moment includes even more interesting misbelieves than tricks and secrets. Actually, all those myths make the all slots casino gratis so appealing and tempting for players. We offer you to read few ones:

  • All common myths about slot machines correspond to land-based casinos. And the leading legend is about ‘hot’ and cold’ slot machines. Players do believe that if slot machine or coins fallen from it are hot, they are close to hit the jackpot. As about cold ones – everything is simple: it is not lucky one. Actually, it is nonsense and cannot be applied to video slots. If your computer is hot – check the fan, maybe it works badly. As we have already mentioned, only RNG decides when you win.
  • Another story is related to RTP. Better to be careful with those numbers, because they are more theoretical than practical and nobody hides it from you. It shows only the statistics data for any slot casino machine.
  • And the last myth can be depicted as ‘I’m about to win’. The point is that the reels are specially slow down when the most lucrative combos appear and it always seems that you have been so close to hit the prize like free spins or bonuses. In fact, for peculiar symbols are written the special algorithms and they regulate even frequency of their appearing, for example – the highest one the 1st reels and lowest – on the last ones. That is why you have a feeling that have almost collected your rewards and the next time it will work out.

History of slot

Playtech Company developed Hot Gems slots free machines in 2012 year. It is based on simple gems and precious stones theme, but you will not find in it boring stones rotating on the reels. This game involves its own story that is told during the introduction to the game – the short video is about lucky dwarf, who managed to discover the real ‘river’ of gems, in which he can now literally swim.

Due to the demands of time and taking into consideration the players’ expectations, the developers added numerous features and other amenities to slot. Moreover, you can call this slot 3D one, because when you do not make anything – staking or spinning reels, the funny miner (that dwarf from the video) appears on the reels and cheers you up with song and dance.

Theme of the slot

Gnome, precious stones and mine. What can be better than this legend, which we heard before falling asleep in childhood numerous times? Well, we have the answer – free video slot games to play used the same theme. Bright colours, shining gems, precious combinations and hard-working dwarf in parallel with modern design and new approach to explosions in the mine – all those things provided the basis for plot in this game by Playtech.