The Codfather Online Slot Game

The Codfather Slot Game Review

The game on the gambling machine The Codfather is performed on five reels. The user can freely choose the lines from 1 to 20. The theme is a sea gang. Here, you must rush to grab bonuses and dodge the fisherman’s hook. Prizes, jackpots, and unexpected spins will not allow you to relax.

The favourite bet

The slot video Codfather gives the opportunity to choose bets by yourself. The number of lines doesn’t depend on it and also may vary.

The device is available for players with any income. The minimal bet is not more than one cent. With the game on all 20 lines, it is possible to achieve good winnings.

If you are brave and want to play hard, choose the maximal bet. It is not too big – equivalent to two euros.

But how much money can be won for a few spins? A few thousand of euros. Cool possibilities in this slot machine free game online give the chance to win more than one thousand. And if the fate is favourable you’ll get your rewards.

Symbols in the slot machine

The inhabitants of the sea waters will not let you be bored. The fish are scurrying in different directions creating winning combinations. Solid sums are the evidence of this.

The most valuable fish:

  • A fish couple.
  • A sea urchin in a case.
  • A Seahorse.

It’s profitable to do some fishing. The elegant worm on a hook gives a large reward. Especially at the maximal stake.

A Seahorse competes with the worm. Both give:

  • For three identical images – 15 coins;
  • When four – 25;
  • When five – 200 coins.

A sea urchin in a case is even cooler. It brings:

  • 2 coins for two symbols;
  • 15 – for three;
  • 100 – for four;
  • 500 – for five symbols.

But the greatest payouts are given for the fish couple. Its appearance on the reels grant:

  • Two couples – 5 coins;
  • Three couples – 20 coins;
  • Four couples – 200 coins;
  • Five couples – 5000 coins.

Imagine what happens when the Wild symbol is also on reels? Then the winning is doubled.

Extra symbols

There are Wild and Scatter symbols in the slot machines for free play The Codfather. The wild symbol looks like the fish Codfather. He is always self-confident and never parts with a cigar. It shows his power being on the second, third and fourth lines.

The Codfather patronises all pictograms on reels, even letter and number symbols. One wild symbol doubles the win, two symbols sometimes give a real jackpot at the cost of several thousand coins.

Three images of a thick fish with a cigar provide an opportunity to get a bonus. When the bonus drops, the player can see the whole fish gang. The hammerhead, the cashier of the Codfather, counts thick packs of euros and bars of gold coins.

The obtained sum is impressive – a few thousand. It is added to the additional payout that you won for a successful combination.

The Scatter is also easily recognisable. It is a square with the name of the game. It is a profitable character:

  • For two symbols – 2 coins;
  • For three – 5;
  • When four – 15;
  • When the five – 100.

But this is nothing compared to those that can make three or more scatter symbols appearing simultaneously on the reels of the slot machines online play. Three squares with the name bestow ten free bonus rounds. The scatter on all five reels gives 10 free bonus games.

In all cases, during free spins, payouts for all winning combinations are added. With only three scatters it is possible to get more than two million. Imagine the reward if five of these symbols appear and the bonus games become available.