Red White Blue Online Slot Game

Red White Blue Slot Game Review

Three colors of the United States flag in the Red Whit Blue 5 Lines video casino game bring a large sum. A possibility to increase the win up to epic proportions – a good bonus for players.

“5 Red Whit Blue Lines”

“5 Red Whit Blue Lines” video slot to play for free, created by Pragmatic Play, corresponds to the best traditions of the old slots. Minimum number of game characters and lines did not simplify the game.

The game is played on three reels. The number of active lines corresponds to five.

Symbolic themes: Red, white and blue – the colors of the national flag of the United States of America. In the game a state symbol symbolized with the sevens. There is a domination of white numbers. With other functions and settings you can easily find out for yourself.

How to rule the game

To start the casino game with no any commission, you should inspect the control panel. A large number of buttons on the understanding that to what, help you better learn as unusual machine.

The panel with buttons located directly below the video screen. There are buttons on the right side of the screen that automatically run the game.

If you choose the automatic reels’ rotation, you can choose a winning share, which will increase by several times. Manufacturers have provided a wide range to select from 1/10 to 1/5 of the total sum.

There is a multiplier, which embedded in the startup system. Share a prize, selected by you, each time during the reels’ rotation automatically multiplied to five.

“Spin” button is located on the right side on the screen. It allows simple push back. Next there is the “Bet max” button. Use it to start the reels’ rotation manually. But, in the last case, it has its own peculiarity. Even with a minimal amount of benefit derived automatically grows several times. The secret is simple – you run the game at the maximum rate.

The initial amount on the small screen in this game – to 500 euros. The winnings are added to it. The game ends, when at least appears impossible.

On the edge on the right side, above the ”spin” button, is another very small screen. It displays the current gain.

You can always stop the game and take the money, if they satisfy your needs.

Almost in the middle panel, there is a button, labeled “select lines”. With its help, you can easily pick up the paylines’ number.

How to set rates

“Red Whit Blue Lines 5” casino video online slot’s control panel also allows you to immediately set the rates without exposing them each time before a new spin.

Bets are set in the compartment near the startup of the gaming system. For convenience, there is a small screen. Here is displayed a numerical value rates. Additionally provided “minus” and “plus” buttons.

Using the “minus” you can set the desired minimum rate of up to one cent. Using the “plus” button it is easy to increase the rate up to a value of five euros.

Setting the rate, you must select one of the buttons to choose from: “autoplay” or “spin”. Thus reels rotation is getting started.

Combination of images

On the reels of the gaming machine Red Whit Blue Lines 5 depicts the image:

  • White Sevens.
  • “Bar” inscriptions.
  • Blue Sevens.
  • Sevens three color lines of the US flag.

Combinations of identical images in this online casino game for mobile make it possible to win, if they are placed on the same line. White Sevens give little profit:

  • One coin, if one falls Seven;
  • Two coins – two Sevens;
  • Ten coins – three sevens.

Most provide combinations that fall “Bar” inscriptions. The possible options the game:

  • Seven coins – with a combination of the “any” word and “Bar” inscription on all three reels along the same line;
  • 15 coins – with one “Bar” inscription, located on the reels all along the line;
  • 25 coins – on two “Bar” inscriptions, located on the reels all along the line;
  • 50 coins – with the three “Bar” inscriptions, located on the reels all along the line.

The combination of three blue sevens lets win 200 coins. But the most lucky combination of Sevens obtained under all the colors of the USA flag. Depending on the possible win lines from 400 to 6000 coins.

A Wild symbol – one Seven in the US flag colors. A gain increases at times with it.