Jurassic Park Online Slot Game

Jurassic Park Slot Game Review

Dino Might, Jurassic 5, Jurassic Jackpot… How many games with dinosaur theme Microgaming software developers have presented to gambling industry? As DJ Khalid said “Another one!” Hell yeah, people! Dinosaurs are dead, but dinosaurs style games are going ahead! Online slots’ collection at Slots Pill is glad to see you again and hurries up to present you another incredible game from Microgaming software developers! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jurassic Park online casino slot, which is based on the story about dinosaurs. Jurassic Park video slot includes all the main characters from famous movie and very interesting features – design and gameplay. You should come to play for fun at video slots at Slots Pill again and try your luck in this game.

Jurassic Park video slot is very beautiful visually! First of all, its background is real landscape picture of the jungle forest, including a lot of tropical plants, trees, palms and foggy air, which is kinda mysterious and scary. Symbols on the reels and interface control buttons are half transparent and covered with dark green frameworks. The symbols include some most know dinosaurs, such as T-Rex, raptor or diplodocus. But, the main characters of the movie present on the reels as well. Well, let’s make a spin and check what is this game capable of.

Using 5 reels and 243 paylines, Jurassic Park online video slot can offer you payout, which is 6 thousand is bigger if your bet. T-Rex Alert Mode is a bonus, which includes 6 bonus spins. 3 Scatter symbols also offer you free spins, 5 spins are available. Velociraptor Free Spins are good of the amount of multiplier combinations – you can get up to 6X multiplier. Brachiosaurus, Triceraptor, Tiranosaurus Rex and Dilophosaurus Free Spins modes are also your ways to get bonus spins, get high points and multiply them.

Now you can see how much adventures are hidden behind the reels of this epic action! Come to play this game with no download! It is available at online slots’ collection at Slots Pill.