Cash Crazy Online Slot Game

Cash Crazy Slot Game Review

Probably, you have already seen Cash Clams and if you did not like this kind of online casino video games before, then claiming you still don’t like them now is a straight lie! That is not the only and last one slot, that Microgaming software developers keep as a desert! They still got a strong ace in the sleeve and today you are going to see that! So come on, buddy, leave everything you are doing now, that’s not important anymore, get ready to meet with Cash Crazy video slot, a summit of online casino art! Let’s come closer to this masterpiece of gambling industry and take a detailed look about all of its features!

Etch your name in this slots’s history! It will get interesting, Microgaming software guarantees you that! With 3 reels and the only and one payline, you can enjoy the mechanical theme, just like you are playing clockwork mechanism powered game. Well, it’s easy to start and make a quick speeding up through the gameplay of this very interesting half mechanical and half fruity themed slot game, that comes with Microgaming software inside of it. Don’t worry about the payouts ! Your bets are supported with professor, sevens, triple, double and single BAR signs, cherries and Any of BAR, Cherry or Cherries symbols. As a Wild symbol, professor, who holds money in his hands, is the most valuable symbol. The winning payouts depend of the size of your bets. If you place one coin the it gives you 800 points. If you bet two, then the winning payouts comes twice bigger! Number seven is second most valuable symbol. It’s payouts vary from between 1 and 2 hundred points. Maximum jackpot payout is 2000 points, so you will get quite nice for you to play. Come to play for fun at Slots Pill and you will enjoy the best classic game of 21 century!