Juicy Booty Online Slot Game

Juicy Booty Slot Game Review

The slot game Juicy Booty is an online video slot powered by Playtech, made in the theme format of the sea adventure and piracy. In this device there are 5 reels, 25 prize lines, wild and special symbols, as well as many additional modes with valuable prizes and free spins. This machine uses a standard game mechanics based on the principle of the action of the random number generator. The graphic and the acoustic components are at a high level and are relevant to the theme.

How to play on the game machine Juicy Booty

The interface of the casino game online Juicy Booty is a comfortable and practical menu relevant to the category of sea adventures.

The total bet in the game is set with the parameters bet per line and a number of lines.

The context menu in the form of the side tabs on the left side of the interface opens the window Bet Line, the player can use the – and + arrows to determinate the total bet. The size of the rate ranges from 0.01 to 20 credits.

Also, there is the possibility to activate the Turbo mode in the context menu which speeds up the graphics animation of the characters on the screen.

The number of lines is fixed 25 positions without the possibility of changing the number. This parameter determines the chances of the winnings.

Pressing the clockwise movement arrow launches the spin with the customized parameters of the total bet. Clicking on the playfield during the spin stops the reels. Holding down the button opens an additional menu auto play with the possibility to choose the number of consecutive rotations and other conditions of the online video slot free and starts the process of auto game.

Additional interface on the gambling slot machine

The additional interface on the free video slot Juicy Booty consist of the button Speaker to adjust the acoustic effects, as well as turn off the sound completely, the button Settings opens a context menu with options and technical data:

  1. The tab Options opens an additional menu of the basic technical configuration of the game;
  2. The tab Help offers a technical help with the necessary information about the process of the game.
  3. The tab Paytable opens a help menu which contains a summary of the rules of the game, the table of the characters’ coefficients, as well as the game mechanics of the additional modes.

The symbols on the online slot Juicy Booty

This casino game to play online contains standard symbols, executed in the form of the icons with the images of fruits, as well as the pictograms in the nautical theme.

  1. Among the fruit symbols, the most low-income brings the Orange which gives a profit in an amount from 5 to 1000 credits, when appearing on the playfield from 3 to 15 times;
  2. The most high profitable character in the category of fruit is the Pineapple, which gives a profit in the range from 15 to 5000 credits, appearing on the playfield from 3 to15 times;
  3. The most low-income in the category of the objects symbol is the Hook that brings a profit of 20, 50 and 100 credits, when 3, 4 and 5 appear on the playfield;
  4. The highly profitable character of the categories of the objects is the Piastra, which gives a profit of 80, 500 and 5000 credits, for 3, 4 and 5.

The special characters in the game are divided into two categories:

  1. The special symbol Drum, three or more such symbols activate an additional mode Cannon Free Spins;
  2. The special character Pistol activates an additional mode Fruit Shoot Bonus for 1, 3 and 5 symbols at the same time on the reels

The Wild symbol in the game executed in the form of an icon with Juicy Booty inscription. It replaces any character in the game, except the special symbols. Also, he gives a profit of 100, 1000 and 10,000 credits, when 3, 4 and 5 symbols appear on the playfield.