Gold Coast Online Slot Game

Gold Coast Slot Game Review

Hello, everyone, welcome back to video slots at Slots Pill! Today you can play another classic style video slot, being developed under the roof of Microgaming software developers. This is Gold Coast video slot and it is very beautiful and colorful, no poor visuals, only best quality that classic slot game can include! Gold Coast free slot very simple, well, that’s not wonder all classic slots are simple, while the gameplay still can be interesting and offer nice payouts, but thanks to its surprisingly astonishing design gamblers get into very amazing event. So, check out online slots’ collection at Slots Pill and watch the way Gold Coast video slot destroys all the stereotypes about classic slots!

Check this out! This interesting online casino slot game includes a huge amount of golden and yellow colors and, in general, it reminds something, like paradise or South California in summer time. As you know, Microgaming video slots with classic structure has reels in upper left part of the screen and right part includes pay table. The lower part has game’s logo and every detail of this logo is drawn very quality. There drawn a beach at the sunset, so the sky is also looking golden, there are also a lot of golden coins and red flowers and the title is not less nice!

This slot is unique, it has 3 reels and 5 paylines. Also there is Wild symbol. As you could understand, no free spins and no bonus games are available. But keep staying calm and patient – wait to get your hands to the finish line and there is a jackpot of 6 thousand points! 3 BAR symbols generate 20 points, 3 Double BAR symbols make half a hundred, 3 Triple BAR symbols make a hundred points. 3 sevens are capable of 3 hundred points. Do it quick – come to play for fun at Slots Pill and enjoy this amazing online casino slot!