Iron Man 2 Online Slot Game

Iron Man 2 Slot Game Review

Iron Man 2 top free slots for fun is another masterpiece from Playtech belonging to famous Marvel group. All known characters led by Tony Stark and Black Widow are gathered together in its 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 wagering lines for assembling the most luxurious pays for you. Another famous thing about all its super-heroes slots – is its impressive four-levels Marvel Jackpot. Thus, if to sum up – favourite actors and beneficial wins are united in one game for players’ pleasure. Do not hold the reels!

General description of the gaming process

As we have mentioned, the Iron Man 2 video slots for free has the traditional structure – 15 cells on the gaming field and not great amount of wagering lines – 25. However, it is enough quantity for creating winning combinations. This game is completely based on the movie, thus you will face with all actors that have right now the single goal – to assemble the beneficial winning chains for you. The plot, graphic, visual and sounds effects are definitely impressive. It seems that all colossal symbols start fighting right after appearing on the wagering lines.

However, this game involves even more amenities, so let us be more specific. Wilds that create the most rewarding combos, especially – five of kind with the prize 3000 gaming credits, Scatters triggering the free spins slots online mode with extra-wild multiplier, stacked symbols and Marvel Jackpot. As about the last one, it is progressive pot uniting all slots based on Marvel comic books. And as far as this theme is highly popular right now, a lot of slots fans play them. It means that you have pretty high chances to get incredible pays. Moreover, its RTP is estimated as 95,98%.

How to create your own industry on 25 lines

The interface is simple and user-friendly in this Playtech product. The settings panel is traditionally placed beneath the gaming field. You can find all necessary options for controlling the game and building your own prosperous industry on it.

Start the adventure in casino slot machines games setting the Bet per Line parameter in parallel with Coin Value. Those two markers effect on the general stake as well as on the amounts of rewards if any winning chain is completed. Thus, as far as the amount of lines is fixed – 25, press on Bet per Line button for choosing the best variant for you. Note, if the lowest coin value is set – 0.01 pound, the bet per line stays in ranges – 0.01 pounds – 0.10 pounds. Whilst the ultimate coin value – 1 pound, involves another limit – 1 pound – 10 pounds. For changing the denomination press on the button with coin image at the left corner of the settings panel. It expands the menu with 6 possible variants: 0.01, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50 and 1 pound for slots online betting. At the same time, the ultimate stake with the further one spin can be activated with ‘Bet Max’ option.

After adjusting those markers, look at the Total Bet screen. It reveals the general wager that is counted due to the proportion – bet per line x amount of lines.

Now you can trigger the gameplay in one of two modes – manual or autoplay. The manual mode is launched traditionally after the single click on ‘Spin’ button.

As about Autoplay, it has its own settings and the first one – amount of spins from 1 to 99 spins. Use the arrows ‘+’/ ‘-’ at the ‘Auto Start’ selector for choosing the best denomination for you. If you feel bothered (like me) pressing on those arrows – click on the current spins amount and clear it. After – type manually the preferable quantity (but stay in outlined ranges) and start the mode. It can be broken any time with Stop option. All wins gained in good slot machine games are displayed on the screen ‘Win’.

The gaming process settings and the detailed rules buttons are placed at the right upper corner. Operating with Spanner you can see the following menu: history, options and help. The sound effects are regulated with sound button.

Symbols and coefficients

With the button ‘Info’ the Paytable is expanded. It includes table of pays for each symbol and its combos in parallel with description of features, free spins and jackpot. Moreover, pressing on the ‘Show Paylines’, you can expand the schemes for winning chains on each wagering line. ‘Hide Paylines’ button returns you to the Paytable, whilst ‘Back’ – to gaming process.

As about icons itself, in online video slots free may be assembled the most profitable combos with the following characters:

  • Tony Stark – five of a kind bring 1000 credits
  • Black Widow – five of a kind give 600 credits
  • Ivan Vanko (Whiplash) – five of a kind: 400 credits
  • Iron Man – five of a kind: 200 credits
  • War Machine – five of a kind: 150 credits

Instead of low-paying card symbols, here are added four machine warriors with different rewarding coefficients.

Among peculiar icons, you can discover Wild (S.H.I.E.L.D. logo) and Scatter (Iron Man 2 logo). Wild not only acts as all Wilds do, but also, has the scheme for crediting the pays due to assembled combos and with its five of a kind chain, you will get 3000 credits. As about slots scatter, it triggers the free spins game with its own amenities and pays the stake multiplier. The most rewarding is for five Scatters – 100 times.

How all those coefficient work? Well, it is simple. For example, you have set the stake per line 2 pounds and started the session. You have assembled two combos (both three of a kind) with A Machine giving you 10 credits for each three A Machines chain. So, you have collected 20 credits that are multiplied by stake per line. Thus, 20 credits x 2 pounds = 40 pounds you have just won! Congrats! Moreover, if you go to Info section after creating the combo, you will see the credits you have gained for each of them – they will be marked with blue.

Bonus rounds and features

If it is everything clear with slot games wild and its amenities, we should be more specific about Scatter and colossal icons involved to the gameplay.

So, three and more Scatters start 10 free games with extra wild icon acting as increasing multiplier. The terms for them are the next ones:

  • Free games are launched with x2 multiplier that just double wins.
  • After two spins the coefficient grows with +1, so the third spin is started with x3 multiplier.
  • The extra wild can be caught only on the middle reel and sticks to its place until the end of feature.
  • It acts as all wilds, with one exception – it does not complete chains with ordinary wild.
  • Extra free spins cannot be earned.
  • The reels are rotated automatically in free spins mode.

As about colossal icons – Iron Man, War Machine and Machines A, B, C and D, they look differently than others. If you make few online free spins on slots, you will notice that they are painted as one long image occupying two cells on the reels. The point is that each of those two cells can create the independent combinations acting as one singe icon.

Marvel Jackpot

The exclusive invention of the Playtech – progressive Marvel jackpot unites all video slots based on the comic books – Blade, Electra, The Avengers, Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and 3, The Incredible Hulk and many others. So, what are the main amenities that can be gained with this jackpot and how to collect them?

The Marvel jackpot is divided into four stages with different prize pools:

  • Power – 50 euros
  • Extra Power – 500 euros
  • Super Power – 5000 euros
  • Ultimate Power – 100000 euros

No doubts, each of them can make you powerful person, especially, if consider all mentioned above prizes. They are set on the default and constantly grows with each contribution made in a game. From each stake 0.99% are taken to the casino slots jackpots.

Now, more peculiarities about the jackpot game itself. It is triggered on a random basis and it is impossible to predict when you open it – right after opening slot or since few years of playing it. However, if you have launched it, the prize is guaranteed to you.

So, you will see the gaming field (4×5, i.e. 20 cells) with the hidden jackpot icons. You have to click on any of them and reveal three of a kind (for example three Ultimate Power icons). Pay attention that this feature has the built-in timer (remaining time is shown on it) and if you do not react, the jackpot will be paid to you on default.

The prize is credited to your balance after collecting three same symbols.

Due to the recorded statistics, the jackpot results were the following: it was won 42 times and the greatest win reached the breath-taking point – 1365801$!

How to trick the slot machine

Well, this point is the most arguable one, especially, if consider the fact that all casino games use state-of-the-art mathematical algorithms and random numbers generators, so it is impossible to cheat them. Forgive us its flatness. However, we still can give you few useful advises ‘how to win’ or it is better to put in other words ‘not to lose everything you possess’.

The first tip – Pay-out calculation or RTP (return to player). This parameter shows how much money from all stakes that you, players, make this peculiar slot machine is going to return you. Yes, I’ve never seen the slots with 100% return, but as about Iron Man 2 online slots game free, it has 95,98% RTP. As you see, it is really high ratio, so it is worth to try.

The second tip – learn everything about slot and its settings. Here we consider everything from bet per line, amount of lines and all icons and its pays. How can it help? Well, the crucial point is lines – more lines are involved, the higher are odds to create the winning combos. As about bet per line, it multiplies the wins per line. As about symbols and its pays, they give you the general impression what to await for in this peculiar free slot machine games no sign up. This slot has 25 fixed lines and diverse ranges for stake, thus – pick the best for you.

Finally, the third tip – set your own limits or manage the bankroll. Before you start gaming, define the sum you can spend on this slot with the condition that you can lose it completely. Everything can happen. Also, set the win limit (it is not absurd). For example, if you can spend 30 euros and would like just double it, it is better to stop if you have reached the desirable 60 euros point.

So, consider our advices and have a good luck!

The secrets of slot machine

The first rule of the ‘Secrets of casino slot machines club’ is do not talk about the club. Well, we are joking and, of course, such club does not exist at all. The point is that slot machines do not have such secrets that are not described or added to the Info area. Online gambling is built of principles of fairness and clarity, thus each casino member knows what he or she plays.

As about Iron Man 2 secrets, we prefer to call them features and we have already described them – progressive jackpot with four beneficial levels, stacked symbols paying as two independent ones, free spins with extra wild and multiplier, ordinary wild and scatter. All those mysterious secrets can happen on 25 wagering lines developed by Playtech.

Myths about the game

It is the most intriguing part of online slots gaming. We do not know player that has already given up trying to trace the sequences in slot machines or making their own strategies raising or lowering the stakes. However, as we have just written in ‘Secrets’ area, it is nothing supernatural or hidden in slots – they are just machines working on RNG.

What is it RNG? Random number generator is the device or programs for creating the random sequence of numbers that cannot be predicted by online casino clients. The classical example – flip the coin or throw the dices and remember the Maths lessons. Yes, the possibility to guess exists, but it is counted due to complicated formula. The odds theme is surely sophisticated.

Now the myth number one – if to play one slot with RTP 95.98%, it will surely bring you that 95.98% after some time. No doubts, this sentence has a certain sense, but ‘time’ is the central key in it. It can happen within few spins or after few years. So, just keep it in mind playing any slot.

The myth number two – do not stop playing or another player will get your wins. Again, it sounds as absurd, just because nobody can guarantee that Marvel jackpot slots will appear on the reels right now. Everything is based on the principle of randomness.

And the third myth – ‘there should be sunshine after rain’. Actually, it is the philosophical approach. As about bad luck in slots, it is better stop or switch to another game, if you have already lost a lot in this one.

History of slot

Iron Man 2 video slot was released in 2011 year. It is based on the famous movie Iron Man 2 and includes all main actors to the gameplay. It is presented in all free slots PlayTech casinos, moreover, it has been recently modified and 50 lines have been added to the gameplay. The game with 50 lines is called Iron Man 2 50 lines.

All fans of this universe know that the first film about Iron Man had the colossal success. That’s why right after the road show the Marvel Studious decided to start working on the second story about the famous billionaire Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) – man who managed to survive in Afghanistan, but now has faced with another problem – how to save his own life and fight with ghosts of the past. Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke) – son of the Soviet physicist, which was working with Howard Stark (Tony’s father) wants to take vengeance on Tony for his deported father. Moreover, the palladium is killing Tony and he needs to replace this element in reactor by the new one. And after receiving some classified documents from Nick Fury he will manage to do it and reveal few secrets kept by his father.

Yes, it is just small part of the movie plot, but in online casino video slots you will witness the real battle between Tony and Ivan – two most paying icons, as well as see all machines developed by those genius engineers.

Of course, it is added to the Marvel jackpot system, so each wager in this game contributes to the general impressive pot! As the Playtech describes it – this jackpot is linked to all Marvel slots and can be hit any moment. All you need to get it – juts playing slots from this category with real money wagers. Note that even spins that ends with no winning chains can trigger the jackpot.

Thematic of the slot

As you have noticed even from the title – its online slots machine games are devoted to the famous figure in Marvel Universe to Iron Man, aka – Tony Stark. This controversial figure in comic books and movies, genius and playboy is in danger now. Exciting plot, impeccable design with colossal symbols and thematic features – all those things are embodied on 25 wagering lines slot Iron Man 2. Help Tony to learn more about his family past and build his future. Who will bring you more luxurious pays: Tony or Ivan? The decision is up to you!