Red Chili Hunter Online Slot Game

Red Chili Hunter Slot Game Review

Peculiar slot machine Red Cill Hunter 5 lines from Pragmatic Play Company is made in best traditions of old slots. Limited amount of playing symbols and icons don`t make gameplay easier in any way.

Game takes place on three reels. The amount of playing lines equals to five. And it is stable.

Original theme: Red Hunter Cill came out into the prairie in order to hunt. But huge cactuses and bar, located near, prevent him from doing this. And hit of the whole Cill`s journey become Red peppers.

How to manage the play

To manage the game, you need to learn control panel. There are quite many keys as for mini slot with minimum amount of wheels.

Console with buttons locates directly under video screen. Rightward is block with buttons for automatic start of the play.

Here the slot`s feature opens itself. In case if you select automatic rotation of wheels, you can determine a part of winning. It is taken into account from 1/10 to 1/5 of general sum.

System of automatic start is equipped with multiplier. Certain part of winning is multiplied fivefold by default.

On the right side situates “Spin” button. It allows making mechanic spins by gamer`s hand. Near is one more key – “Bet max”. At its pushing player can start reels rotation himself.

In case of even minimal prize, final sum increases in several times. Because you lead the game at maximum bets.

On console there is a small scoreboard in extreme left corner. Here you can see, how decreases balance capital, which is important for gameplay on online slot machine. On the assumption of size of remaining credits it is convenient to control own actions choosing those or that strategy of play.

Initial sum, which is represented on the scoreboard, – 500 Euro. Winnings are not calculated to it. Game finishes, when necessary minimum flashes.

From the very board of right side under button of automatic reels start, lies one additional small scoreboard. Here is represented current winning.

You can always stop the gameplay reaching maximum numbers on the scoreboard, which satisfies you.

How place the bet

Control panel of free slot machine Red Cill Hunter 5 lines is convenient due to one thing, you can place bets at once, not doing it every time before every new spin.

Bet can be set in a box, situated near the system of automatic game start. Separate box is equipped with a little screen for comfort. The numerical value of the bet stay here. There are also additional buttons “minus” and “plus”.

First one helps you easily set any minimal bet up to one cent. By “plus” button bet can reach its highest value – 5 Euro.

Setting bet you should choose one of keys at choice: “autoplay” or “spin”. And wheels start their movement.

Combinations of pictures

On wheels are depicted four symbols:

  • Cactuses;
  • Tablets “bar”;
  • Sombrero;
  • Peppers.

Combinations of alike icons give possibility to win. Meeting with cactuses is the most profitable for Red Hunter Cill. They present you with:

  • One coin, if falls one cactus;
  • Two coins – two cactuses;
  • Ten coins – three cactuses.

The greatest amount of combinations is going to appear, when fall images of tablet “bar”. There are such possible variant in game:

  • Seven coins – at combination word “any” and tablet “bar” on all three reels alone one line;
  • 15 coins – at one tablet “bar” situated on all wheels along one line;
  • 25 coins – at two “bars” situated on all wheels along one line;
  • 50 coins – at three tablets “bars” situated on all wheels along one line.

Combination of three sombreros let win 200 coins in online casino slot. But the coolest combinations are created by peppers. Depending on lines winning is available in the range from 400 to 6000 coins.