Loaded Online Slot Game

Loaded Slot Game Review

Nothing is more gangsta, rich and rap more, then Loaded online casino slot. With huge variety of rhymes and fresh beats behind the reels this Microgaming software powered game is incredibly cool and high! Come to play for fun at Slots Pill and you can hit the reels on Rolls-Royce with a beautiful girl on the passenger seat and a bottle of cold Crystal champagne at the backseat, because there are some battles ahead and a meet with recording studio producer! Real talk, let’s get it in!

On the reels you will find some rich and big boys, who wear very expensive clothes and a lot of expensive jewels, like golden chains, platinum watches and brilliant earrings. As the elements of high life there are also a big yacht, multistage mansion, which looks like a palace, classic purple Rolls-Royce with golden bumpers, skirts, wheee and radiator grills, beautiful girls, music system for DJ and award and a microphone in the left hand, showing West Coast sign. Everything looks like a cartoon, due to its graphics. In general, this game is very interesting and funny to play with no download!

Loaded online casino slot game includes 5 reels and 25 paylines. A man in white with red tie is a Wild symbol and replaces all of the regular symbols, including also a 3X multiplier as well. A hand, showing West Coast sign and holding microphone is a Scatter symbol. You can find 3 and more of them on the reels and enjoy 12 spins with 4X multiplier, 16 spins with 3X multiplier and 24 spins with 2X multiplier. In regular mode this game is capable of around 7 thousand points or so, but thanks to all the bonuses it includes you can get more than 500 thousand!
Now you know what it is, so come to online slots’ collection at Slots Pill and play this amazing rap game!