Inca Gold II Online Slot Game

Inca Gold II Slot Game Review

Inca Gold II free online slot games with bonus games, created by EGT company, was made for playing for high bets. The structure of this slot is standard – 5 reels, 20 active lines.

The subject of the game is the rich culture of Incas. Go on an adventure to find golden coins, valuable statuettes and gifts of nature, belonging to this mysterious folk. Be ready to solve their mysteries!

What can the bets bring

Inca Gold II slot machine offers players to choose a fixated bet before starting the game.

The control panel of the slot has buttons with numbers: 20, 40, 100, 200, 400. Those are for choosing bets.

You can select the smallest numbers – that will make your slot casino for free game last as long as you want it to last. But it will damage the prizes, making them minimal.

The game on maximal bets is pretty risky and usually is quite short. But, then again, all successful combinations bring large prizes. Believe in your luck and use the biggest bet possible.

And, finally, you can create your own strategy. For that you only need five different bets in the game and a will to do so.

You can track your prizes using the special tables. There’s no way someone wouldn’t enjoy watching the appearance of money at their slots free online game balance.

All you have to do to activate the reels is to press a certain button, depicting the level of bet that you prefer.

Successful combinations

When giving a full characteristics to combinations of Inca Gold II, you shouldn’t ignore that fact that, to be honest, all combinations are lucky. Even the most cheap symbols, depicting sheep, tomatoes or musical instruments can give up to 100 coins for creating a combination of them.

For images of Silverhead, Flying condor or a warrior you’ll get:

  • 10 coins for 3 symbols;
  • 50 coins for 4 symbols;
  • 250 coins for 5 symbols.

The most profitable combinations are formed by:

  1. A golden statuette.
  2. The Ruler of Incas.
  3. Incas woman.

In casino slot machines the golden statuette can bring:

  • 20 coins for two identical symbols;
  • 100 for three symbols;
  • 500 for four golden statuettes;
  • 1 000 coins for five such symbols.

The ruler of Incas and Incas woman are both quite generous. They can bring:

  • 50 coins for three identical symbols;
  • 250 coins for four;
  • 500 coins for five symbols.

The information on prizes is given for you to understand how much profit can you get from one spin of the reels. Not to mention the special multipliers of this game that make your prize even bigger than that.

Don’t forget, that quite often you can get more than one successful combinations for one spin. The prizes for those are being added up.

Prize multipliers

The multipliers of the prizes in the Inca Gold II casino slot online games are Wild Symbol and Scatter.

Wild symbol depicts a Golden coin. This one is picky, and it can only appear on the second, third or fourth reel. But if it gets there – it expands, filling the whole reel with itself. All the successful combinations will count in this case. The prize is not only being added up – it is also multiplied by a certain number in all slots free games! When playing with maximal bets, you can win several hundreds, if not thousands, of coins for one spin.

In this game Scatter is a colorful fresco, depicting a warrior. The Scatter itself cannot influence other symbols – neither simple ones, nor the Wild symbol.

You’ll get:

  • 40 coins, if there are two Fresco symbols at the reels;
  • 100 coins for three Fresco symbols;
  • 400 coins for four Fresco symbols;
  • 5000 coins for five.

But, aside from that, the additional capital is being added up to this all slots free bonus prize. You’ll get 15 free spins for catching three and more Scatters at the reels, even without any additional mini games or conditions.

During the spins all prizes for successful combinations will be multiplied by three. With big bets in this case you can get up to 10 thousands coins.