Chicago Online Slot Game

Chicago Slot Game Review

The 20s of the previous century in USA were quite memorable as a historical period. Artists love this age: the producers are filming movies about this time, authors are writing books, casino software developers are creating slots devoted to this legendary and tough time.

The history of 20s

After the first World War the world was enjoying its normal peaceful life. No one expected for Great Depression and World War II to happen. USA was dominating in the financial sphere, and the business was blooming in the big cities, though there were problems like criminal and criminal wars. At the beginning of the age, Chicago was making the whole America shiver due to the big number of criminal groups; and this time was depicted in different books, movies and videogames.

In the end of the 19th century a lot of Italians came to USA. They brought both cuisine and mafia into America. Many of famous mafia families’ members came to USA and started their own criminal groups.

Chicago Outfit

Italians were making business, opening underground casinos and totalizators, committing various frauds. Al Capone lived in the Chicago, though he wasn’t the biggest mafia boss in USA. One more legendary criminal group of that time was the Chicago Outfit with Toby Accardo as a leader.

Johnny Torrio was also a part of this syndicate, and even though Al Capone became way more famous than he did, Torrio put forth the idea of the National Crime Syndicate.


In 20s Chicago Outfit was well-known for its being sanguinary and causing violence on a large scale. In 1926 the number of their victims was about 75 — and that’s in one year! It still stays the most large and powerful mafia groups of USA; the only group to compete with it is was the Genovese crime family.

Chicago slot

The Chicago slot, made by Novomatic, is devoted to the time period and city described above. The developer broke a lot of stereotypes with this slot, leaving its usual character for something new and original. Novomatic made quite an interesting slot that can surprise anyone who plays it, while following its old traditions in some ways. Chicago shows that its author can keep the pace while competing with new world-wide brands, who are wasting a lot of resources for deluxe graphics and accurate detailing of numerous games.

This slot contains a lot of references: for example, symbol with fat and impudent Mafioso with a cigar refers to Al Capone. Sad femme fatale is a reference for Chicago Outfit and its business. Also there are detectives and policemen, who were trying to defeat the bad guys and make Chicago at least a little bit more safe. Bonus game has symbols with alcohol bottles, and those are referencing the times of bootlegging, which was popular in Chicago among other kinds of criminal activities.


Chicago is a video slot with 5 wheels, which also has:

  • 20 pay lines; user can activate from 1 to 20 of them
  • Scatter symbol
  • Wild symbol
  • Bonus game
  • Risk game, traditional for Novomatic
  • Additional multipliers
  • Free spins
  • Autoplay mode

Maximal payment can be multiplied by 10 000, which atones the absence of progressive jackpot.

Return index of this slot is equal to 95,03%. All of Novomatic’s popular slots have the cashback range of 94-97%, which means that the player gets back from 94% to 97% of credits, coins or any other currency wasted on deposit.

The interface of Chicago slot machine

Game screen has 5 wheels with the Chicago skyscrapers on the background; those depict characters of classical noir movies:

  • Mafioso with a cigar
  • Detective with a star and a gun
  • Femme fatale with a cigarette in the mouthpiece
  • Police Constable
  • Paperboy

Aside from those symbols, there are:

  • Wild symbol: the icon with Chicago skyscrapers and text saying Chicago
  • Scatter, that depicts a typical Cadillac made in the beginning of 20th century.
  • Card symbols from 9 to ace.

All symbols are drawn in noir stylistic, in greyish-brownish colours. Font, bullet holes from Thompson’s submachine gun – everything speaks of the atmosphere of that time.

To the left and to the right of the wheels there are two rows of numbers, depicting the paying lines.

Down below there are few separate windows for:

  • Balance – how much money does the player have. Free version of slot offers to input the 500 credits.
  • Choose the bet – phrase
  • The size of the last win.
  • Buttons for game regulation.

Under those windows there are buttons for regulating the gaming process:

  • Autoplay – the button of the automatic game mode. It allows to start spinning the wheels without having to press the Spin button each time. During the automatic spins this button turns into Stop, to stop the autoplay.
  • Table – one can see the value of the symbols in there.
  • Number of lines — by pressing „+“ and „-“ one can regulate the number of active lines.
  • Bet per line size — the amount of credits placed as a bet for one line; can also be edited by pressing „+“ and „-“
  • A window with summary bet pet spin
  • Double up-button, which is activated after each successful combination;
  • Spin-button is for starting a spin

You can play this slot both for free and for money. It is also available in the mobile versions of the online casinos.

To get a payment for the combination it is necessary for several identical symbols to appear on the wheels from left to right on the active line. It takes at least 2 symbols to make a combination. A win is being counted as a bet multiplied by the combination index (up to 10 000)

You can also increase your win by pressing the double up button. By pressing it you will open the mini-game, where you have to guess the colour of the card. It is a traditional bonus game for all Novomatic slots. The right answer doubles up the prize. Maximal win is up for the online casino of this slot to decide.

Symbols’ value

All symbols of the Chicago slot are giving a certain prize according to the coefficients from the payment table.

The biggest multiplier is a Wild symbol, which replaces all other ones, except for scatter. It depicts the skyscrapers with the caption saying „Chicago“.

  • 5 of those symbols are giving a x200 multiplier.
  • 4 — x50
  • 3 — x5
  • 2 — x0,20

Next two symbols, having the same multiplier and taking the next place in terms of value after the Wild symbol, are the icons with mafioso and the detective.

  • 5 of them are giving the x40 multiplier;
  • 4 — x10
  • 3 — x2

The scatter symbol gives player 12 free spins, and also gives some special multiplier:

  • 5 — x40
  • 4 — x8
  • 3 — x2
  • 2 — x0,80

Femme fatale:

  • 5 — x20
  • 4 — x4
  • 3 — x0,60

The lowest multipliers of the human symbols are given by constable and paperboy.

  • 5 — x10
  • 4 — x2
  • 3 — x0,40

The aces and kings are giving next multipliers:

  • 5 — x5
  • 4 — x2
  • 3 — x0,20

And the symbols from queen to 9:

  • 5 — x2
  • 4 — x0,40
  • 3 — x0,10

Bonus games

The only bonus game of Chicago is given by three or more scatters on the active lines: they start the bonus free spins. While 12 free spins are taking place, it is the casino deciding what bets to make, not the player. During each win there are bottles with 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x multipliers appearing above the reeland. The last of them determines what multiplier the user gets. If the scatter combination appears again, the round extends.

Strategies for the Chicago slot machine

There are many strategies for playing on slot machines. Some of them are promising you 100%-guaranteed win, and you should not trust them. There is no strategies for getting a guaranteed win on the slots.
Slots are based on the random number generator, so the winning combinations are generated randomly, and one cannot calculate a cycle or an algorithm of those: it just won’t work.

Nonetheless, there are some advices for a game, that allow one to have fun with slots, win at least something, and, which is more important, don’t lose more money than the player can spend.

Game advices

  1. When choosing a slot, read the reviews on it, those that have characteristics of this slot described in details. Those reviews should have information about coefficients, win multipliers, bonus games, different symbols of this slot. It will help you to understand what this slot can offer to you, and it becomes easier to decide if you want to play it, or not.
  2. It’s better to play the free version first, to see the gameplay, the way the winnings are being payer, the cash transferring.
  3. Decide about the sum that you can spend without regretting it (so called bankroll). The size of it should stay the same, no matter if you’re winning or losing. Do not try refilling your balance to try and get some luck, it mostly ends up with losing a lot.
  4. While playing the free version, decide, what game mode suits you the best. Determine the optimal number of lines, the bet size. The size of a bet should be in the range that allows you to make as many spins as possible.
  5. Decide about the minimal winning sum. But stay reasonable. Of course you can play until you’ll get a jackpot, but one has to have quite a lot of money to do so. After reaching the planning sum one should either stop, or lower the bets.
  6. Slot machines have a certain Return-To-Player coefficient, and it can’t be bigger than 98%. You should try and look for the slot with bigger RTP when searching for a slot to play. It will increase your chances to win at least something, and lower the chances of losing a lot.
  7. You still will lose money, but if you follow those advices, those will be planned, so you won’t stop feeling the joy of playing.

    Slot machine myths

    In the slot machines’ world, just like in any other sphere of human activity, there are some myths. They are mostly groundless, but sometimes people are taking them for facts. There is a list of most famous ones down below:

    1. You can only win if your bet is small, the computer blocks the big wins. It isn’t true. The computer, of course, distinguishes the size of different bets, but it works on the RNG principle, so it cannot change the result, no matter how big is the bet.
    2. Any slot works following a certain algorithm. All online slots have a payment table, where one can see the size of multipliers. The game screen has the information of the bet per line and the summary bet. After a win the slot shows the sum of the win. So, by paying attention to the payments’ table and gaming process, you can determine the optimal bet size. The bigger it is the bigger is the win. But consider your deposit when raising the bet.

    3. By placing the bets by a certain scheme, you can win a prize.
    4. The truth is, there are some strategies that work in cards’ and other games, but not in the online and offline slots, because they are working on the RNG principle. You can’t change the way the slot was programmed.

      Any scheme can work only in terms of bet’s proportions. For example, lowering the bets after losing and increasing after winning. The thing is that you’re risking the money you’ve already won and lowering your losses.

    5. Playing online is more profitable than offline. It’s not true, because all slots are based on the same RNG, so there is no difference where to play.


    Comparing to other slot machines made by Austrians, this slot stays as the most non-standard one. You can’t really compare in to the NetEnt’s slots, because it’s made according to the Novomatic’s schematic patterns; nonetheless, the Chicago slot has its own interesting charm, which brings a pleasant variety in the lines of monotonous fruit-machines.