Super Dice Online Slot Game

Super Dice Slot Game Review

When you want to get the best quality entertainment or just want to gamble the new online slots you enter to play for fun at Slots Pill. Free slots there offer you highest quality products and services, because they are powered by one of the best system in the business – Novomatic casino software. As soon as you can get your hands to the lucky reels of Novomatic video slots you will be provided with world biggest gambling entertaining content, that gives both a lot of fun from the visual support and highest payouts in this industry at the same time!

Today we are going to take a better look at Super Dice online slot, which includes serious style – dark purple background, dark blue frames, a lot of shadows and black colors. Everything is restrained and official, almost just like in “Men in black” movie. Except this series dark colors support there are also colorful elements you will see on the screen during the spins. Check out “Super Dice” title and hand watches – the first one is red orange and the second element reminds golden shades. Except these features there are dice cubes images near the reels, which are made to control the bonus features of the slot.

The game offers to play with 3 reels and 5 paylines with some interesting bonus game features to play. Depending of which symbols you find lined up on the reels in payline you can start bonus modes. There are three bonus games – The Gamble Feature, Cash Unlimited and Hold Feature. Every mode has plenty of interesting specifics and own rules, so it feels like you start playing a totally different game! Don’t forget to bet a lucky coin for Super Dice and realize how much this game offers to you!