Octopus Kingdom Online Slot Game

Octopus Kingdom Slot Game Review

Octopus Kingdom free slot machines for fun play immerses players into the atmosphere of underwater kingdom, ruled by Octopus King. He keeps following the player during the gaming process, cheers the player up with approving whistles and nodding. High-quality 3D graphics and elaborate sound effects allow to enjoy the gaming process as much as possible.


This game is played on 5 reels and three symbol rows. There are 40 active payment lines; the number is constant and it cannot be changed. The game currency is euros, the minimal bet for one line is 1 cent, the maximal one is 50 cents. It means, that the minimal total bet equals to 40 cents, and the maximal one can reach 20 euros.

Combinations are formed starting with the first reel, each sequence must have three or more symbols. The symbols of combination must follow each other, which means there must be no other symbols in between (except for, maybe, a Wild symbol).

To understand what prize you will get for a combination, you can check the information section, that can be opened by pressing a question mark button, located in the bottom left corner of the slot machine free play screen. It contains the coefficients of symbol combinations.

What is the coefficient? It’s a number, that bet per line is being multiplied for, when a certain combination of symbols appears at this line.

To count your prize you have to multiply the coefficient of each winning combination by bet per line, sum those numbers (if there are more than one winning combinations), and get the Total Win sum – the total prize for the spin.

If there are more than one winning combinations at the same active line, then only the most profitable one counts.

Starting the slot machines games

Before playing, you have to set the bet level for the next spin, using the Total Bet button. When you press it, the special table with number will pop up. Those numbers are bet levels, and you have to choose one of them. Then you have to press a big green button in the bottom right corner of the screen to start spinning.

If you want to activate the automatic mode, use the Autoplay button, located next to the green Spin button . Click Autoplay to casino slot free play games open the table with numbers. Those numbers will determine the number of automatic spins. You only have to choose a number, and then just sit and watch the spinning process. If you want to stop the automatic spins to change the Total Bet level, you have to press the Autoplay button again.

The Total Win for a round is displayed in the Total Win window, and down below there is a special field, containing information on this sum: what lines were used and how much slot casino real money did the player get.

The bottom line Balance contains player’s game balance: a sum of money for paying for bets, that increases after each win. Next to this line there is a Total Bet status. And a bit to the right there are three options buttons: cogwheel (spinning speed and graphics quality), speaker (sound options) and a square (interface resolution).


There are two kinds of symbols in those top free slot games: normal ones and special ones. The main task of normal ones is to form combinations on active lines; those symbols are:

  • Crown;
  • Diadem;
  • Wedding rings;
  • Bouquet of flowers;
  • Numbers and letters of card nominals.

The most valuable sequence is the combination of 5 crowns – it multiplies the bet per line by 400. The most cheap symbols are J, 9 and 10, the combination of five such symbols will only multiply your bet by 40.

The special symbols of this game are Wild and Bonus.

  • Wild symbol depicts a fish princess. It forms its own winning combinations with the highest payment coefficient possible – for 5 of those you’ll get a multiplier of 1000. Also Wild symbol can substitute for other symbols, forming the winning sequences.
  • et 3 all slots free bonus symbols and get into the “Royal ball” bonus game mode.


Sometimes the octopus might leave his normal place and get into the middle of the gaming reel, surrounded by four air bubbles. The player has to choose one of those to get a certain prize:

  • A multiplier for current spin: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7;
  • Magic Wave – when you get three Wild symbols, the prize is counted, then all symbols of the reeland are mixed, and the prize for new sequences is counted again.
  • Expanding Wild symbol (expands for the whole reel) – the prize is counted considering the combinations formed by this event;
  • Bonus game “Royal ball”.

Bonus game of online slot games

The Octopus king appears again, surrounded by a dozen of fish princesses. The player has to choose 7 of them, and each one will bring a certain sum. The prizes are being added up.

Then the Octopus King appears again, this time only with six fish princesses, holding certain multipliers. The player has to choose one of them to multiply their win by a certain number – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7. Then the total win is being transferred to their balance, and the player gets back to spinning reels.