X-Men Online Slot Game

X-Men Slot Game Review

Since X-Men comics were created in 1963 by Stan Lee, people from America and all around the world have learned names of its heroes and plot by heart. The comics inspired many worldwide known films, computer and casino games one of which we are going to review today – X-Men casino slot for fun by Playtech.

This game will definitely meet the expectations of the most experienced gamblers because this 25 payline slot includes 6 special features, marvel jackpot and wild substitutions. The gameplay is full of surprises, astonishing graphics and lucrative bonuses. At the same time, handy interface elements allow to control all settings and place the bets in a quick and easy manner.

Settings adjustment

X-Men slot`s playing field consists of 5 reels and 25 paylines, there are 10 regular and 3 special symbols. Before setting the wager, player has to decide how much he wants to bet. The wager itself is made with the help of three buttons: Lines, Bet Per Line, Bet Max.

  • In casino slot games for free lines button are usually used to select the number of paylines you want to activate. Click it necessary number of times and choose between 1 – 25 available lines. The chosen stake will be displayed in the window located above the button.
  • Bet Per Line allows to regulate the value of bet player sets on one line. Continue pressing this button until you get the desirable amount – from €1 to €10.
  • Bet Max option can be useful when you want to put the highest possible stake, hit it and see the total bet window displaying your € 250 stake.

Other buttons presented on slot games online play menu panel aren’t responsible for betting, but they are used to regulate important settings:

  • Autostart button is supplied with + and – icons which are used to control the number of automatic spins player is able to launch. In this game 1-99 spins can be triggered without player`s interference.
  • Red spin button doesn`t have any special options but is used to produce only one separate spin manually.
  • The denomination of one coin is selected with Click To Change button located in the left bottom corner of menu panel right under Info section. Just click it once and select the figures that appeal to you: from € 0.01 to € 5.
  • By clicking on Info button player is transferred to Paytable section which contains 6 pages with detailed information about free slots symbols value, winning combinations, special features and bonuses.

Ordinary symbols and combinations

All symbols used in this game are images of X-Men comics emblems and heroes. The cheapest symbols are pictures of Cyclops and Juggernaut. When 3-5 alike symbols of this category complete the winning line (occupying adjacent positions on selected bet line) they bring the player 5-100 credits respectively.

Beast and Storm heroes bring higher payouts. In particular, 5 consequently landed images of the first hero cost 150 credits. Smaller number of symbols landed in a winning chain cost less – 8 and 50 credits for 3-4 symbols respectively.

Mystique and Nightcrawler form the second group of symbols with higher rewards – 3 symbols of one kind placed on a winning line add 10 credits to your bankroll, while 4-5 symbol pattern cost 70-250 credits.

In X-Men slots free games gameplay up to 400 credits can be won for 5 identical images of X-23 and Wolverine landed on selected payline. Magneto and professor Xavier are the most well-paid symbols which value reaches upon 1500 credits for 5 symbol combo. In addition, they act as extra Wild symbols in free games Heroes and Villains modes which will be discussed later.

Wild emblem acts as wild symbol that replaces other regular icons forming new lucrative combinations. However, it doesn’t replace X-Men emblem which stands as Scatter in the game.

Game`s modes and free games

In X-Men casino free slot machines online free spins are played in 2 modes: Villains and Heroes ones. Heroes mode is considered to be more beneficial because it doesn`t feature any certain number of free games – they are unlimited. At the same time, Villains mode presents only 8 free of charge spins. After 8 free games, the player is returned to regular round and both regular (initial) and bonus prizes are paid.

Interesting, that these 2 modes can interact and transfer one to another. More precisely, Villains mode changes the Heroes one when image of Magneto appears in any random position on the third reel. And on the contrary, when portrait of Professor-X appears on the reel 3 in Villains mode, the Heroes regime is turned on. The only exception is the last, 8th free spin of the mode – if image of professor lands on reels in its course, the Heroes mode is not launched.

What are the characteristics of the each mode presented in this free slot games on PC? The point is that during Heroes regime only images of heroes, Magneto and Wild can appear. Magneto icon is set to perform the options of additional Wild multiplying the player`s wins. Generally speaking, number of free spins triggered in Heroes mode can be infinite if Villains stage is never started.

It is necessary to mention, that in Villains mode symbols are all icons of villains, Wild and Professor X. Here the situation is nearly the same with in the previous regime: Professor X is extra Wild icon occurring on the third reel altering other symbols and creating more credits.

Additional free slot machines bonus games can be activated during bonus spins. When bonus rounds are over all accumulated wins are added to initial regular wins. Bet value for free spins round is taken from the course when they were first triggered. Continue button is set to return the player to the regular round.

X-Men Slots Special Features

The X-Feature is another rewarding element of the game described in Paytable. When 5 comics heroes occupy 5 positions on reels 2, 3, 4 forming X letter by its shape, the show is started. The feature can take place during the main game only (unavailable during bonus rounds) and increases all wins x5. Payouts got from X-feature course are added to regular and Scatter wins.

Winning Marvel Mystery progressive jackpot

The notion of Marvel Mystery Jackpot can be new only for those players who didn’t play Marvel slots online free before. The point is this 4 level progressive jackpot is completed from certain minor percentage of all bets made by the gamblers playing Marvel slots in casinos.

The main thing one should know about the jackpot is that it is triggered randomly and that its value in some way depends on your wager size. Thus, higher stakes increase the winning probabilities and lower wagers decrease them to a significant degree.

As it was already mentioned, there are 4 levels of Marvel Mystery jackpot:

  1. Power Jackpot;
  2. Extra Power jackpot;
  3. Super Power jackpot;
  4. Ultimate Power jackpot.

In all Marvel slots free to play the jackpot game is started when 20 square become visible on the screen, at the beginning they are turned upside down. The player’s task is to click one of these squares and reveal the symbol. Then he opens other squares and if 3 similar icons are displayed the jackpot is won (jackpot amount corresponds to revealed prizes). Marvel jackpot round is limited in time – if user fails to open the symbol in pre identified time period, the prize is credited automatically.

Tips for online & land-based slot machines

It is impossible to deny, that the idea to beat a slot machine is not less than world-old. We, gamblers, do not mind to get some free money on the regular basis and without doing any hard work. However, do these effective methods really exist? The issue significantly differs when we speak about online and land-based casino slot machines.

All slots we used to play on web create spins results with the help of Random Number Generator (RNG onwards). This mechanism working pattern cannot be altered in any way – hardly ever it is possible to make changes into slots firmware or penetrate to online casino management system. When player hits Spin button probable spins results are starting to be generated and what is more meaningful is that final spins outcome is determined before the reels stop spinning, so it is a big mistake to suppose that the moment when they stop can influence the outcome in any way. Simply speaking, we cannot change the result because it is defined by the mechanism which is absolutely random and automatized.

The situation with real best slot machines players enjoy in brick and mortar casinos is a bit different – we know some examples when it was possible to cheat one armed bandit and make use of it but there is one required condition – you have to break the system and enter the machine’s firmware (the action which initially requires time, effort, special equipment and skills). When you have it done – change odds settings in the system, place bug chip in firmware or in flash module. Amusingly, some websites offer detailed instructions about how to trick slots and even sell doubtful outfit used for these purpose but as for our website`s team we strongly not recommend to use their services and pay money for campaigns which can cause much more harm than benefit. Why? Because, first, getting access to slots settings is actually breaking someone’s property. Second, the main essence of gambling lies in its unpredictability and it wasn’t meant for making money.

Slots online guide: secrets and myths

Due to changeable nature of gambling it often provokes lots of disputable statements, arguments and myths. Some of them have a touches of common sense while another are completely ridiculous.

  • Winning combinations are generated on a cyclical basis and after a certain number of unsuccessful combos you will obviously win a good prize. Well, it is obvious that after a range of losses one will gain victory, but taking into account an information about RNG – any accurate calculations are de trop.
  • In casinos all unprofitable machines are located in the most crowded places next to the entrance or bar. Maybe decades ago gambling clubs’ owners used such tricks, nowadays they are too primitive and not still actual.
  • The coins’ temperature you put in video slots machines influence the amount of your win. The matter is some people suppose, that stakes made with warm coins are more rewarding than wagers paid in with cold ones. No reasonable coins, guys, this statement is absolutely wrong.
  • Another myth is that playing in casino with permanent membership card is less rewarding. The theory is explained like this: in order to recoup the costs on cashbacks and prizes given in course of promotional events, casino reduces the winning chances for those who use these privileges. In reality, this is absolutely wrong. Why? Because first, casino doesn`t mind paying cashbacks, second – see the point about RNG.

Instead of paying attention to these myths, take into account some secrets that can make your gambling history more rewarding and easy:

  • Select slot machines to play for free with higher RTP rate.
  • Select standard slots without animated bonus rounds and features. Old-schooled slot-machines are great.
  • Higher stakes increase payouts.
  • Play for fun before to make real money bets.
  • Manage your money and do not bet more than you can afford.

X-Men slot`s theme and history

The year 2010 was the year when gamblers first tried X-Men slot machine by Playtech. They tried their best in order to make the game not less worthy and exciting that its comics and movie prototype which it was inspired by. X-Men are favourite characters from Marvel comics for many people in America and all around the globe. Comics about this team of superheroes were first published in 1963 and they tell about mutant creatures, subspecies of human beings who have supernatural abilities. Both in slots online machine and original comics their leader is Professor X, who is able to read the thoughts while the worst enemy is Magneto who is able to control magnetic fields. These two strong leaders – Professor and Magneto have different point of view about relationships between people and mutants and stand as opposing forces in comics, films, video and slot games based on this story.