Wacky Waters Online Slot Game

Wacky Waters Slot Game Review

Wacky Waters is an online slot from the Playtech company. The player has to form combinations of symbols at five reels and 15 lines of this game. During the spins the player can get a Wild symbol, Scatter and additional bonuses of free spins, multipliers and random payments. You can play the free mode and use the demo credits to try the free slots no deposit game without using any real life currency.

Game rules and control panel of slots games

Before starting a spin you have to read the game rules by pressing the Info button. It contains information on all payments and bonuses that you can get at the reels. The combinations are being read from left to right and the symbols have to be located at the neighboring reels.

Use the elements of all slots games control panel to make your arrangements before starting your game. Those are:

  • Bet per line;
  • Autogame;
  • Turbo mode;
  • Launch.

The payment lines of this slot are fixated, so you can only change the bet level. The total price of the spin depends on it.

See the expanded version of Wacky Waters free casino slot games with bonus rounds slot’s description in the Help section. You can also read the game rules in online casino materials.

Symbols and combinations of online slots machine

You can get prizes for combinations of several identical symbols, located at one of the 15 payment lines. There are three groups of symbols in the Wacky Waters free slots to play for fun slot machine:

  • Playing cards;
  • Sea creatures;
  • Special symbols: dogfish, anchor and hermit crab.

Wild Symbol – dogfish – can appear at any reels and can substitute for any symbol, except for other special ones. It allows to form more combinations and expand the already formed ones. Aside from that, the Dogfish symbol starts one of the Wacky Waters bonuses.

Scatter – a hermit crab – starts the bonus rounds where you can get additional prizes. You only need to collect three such symbols at the reels.

Bonus – Anchor – appears at the first, third and fifth reels. Get this bonus to receive free spins, prizes multipliers and an extra Wild symbol.

But special symbols aren’t the only valuable ones. The playing card symbols will bring you small, but stable prizes, while the prizes for the sea creatures are bigger, but those combinations drop less frequently. Combine all kinds of symbols to get the maximum amount of rewards from each of 15 lines.

Special features of slots free online

There are three kinds of bonus rounds available in the Wacky Waters new casino slot machines. Each one is activated by certain conditions and combinations at the reels. This is the source of the biggest prizes of this free casino slot games with bonus rounds game.

The Puffin’ Up game mode is activated when the Wild symbol gets into the middle of the third reel. Then from 1 to 6 additional Wild symbols will appear. This allows to form mode combinations and increase the prizes, since only the most expensive combination of the line is being paid for.

The Cash Crab mode will be activated if you’ll manage to collect at least three hermit crabs at any cells of the reeland. The new screen will have 15 shells containing different rewards. Depending on number of Crab symbols, the player will have from 1 to 3 tries.

The Albert’s Underwater Bonus game mode is only activated if there are Anchor symbols at the first, third and fifth reels. In this minigame you have to control the fish and collect various symbols. The air bubbles will give you additional tries; the Starfish symbol increases the payment coefficient; the Globefish brings additional Wilds; also you can get free spins.

If you’ll get a combination of symbols with arrow pointing up, the Wacky Waters Free Games bonus round will start. If the Wild symbol gets into the middle of the third reel – not only it will start the Puffin’ Up Feature, but it also will grant you three free spins. The Bonus symbols at the first, third and fifth reels will bring you 8 additional free spins in Wacky Waters casino slot machines.