Rise of Ra Online Slot Game

Rise of Ra Slot Game Review

Rise of Ra is a slot machine powered by EGT. The theme of it is based upon Ancient Egyptian motives. Every software producer regularly goes back to this subject. In Rise of Ra slot free play on five reels which are located on the background of Egyptian Pyramids. It is possible to stake on 15 paying lines. Classic symbols fall on the black background of reels, forming profitable combinations.

How To Play Rise Of Ra

Before you start, adjust the following parameters:

  • the number of paying lines
  • the size of bet

There are lines on both sides of the reels. In order to change their amount, you should press the corresponding number on them. You can choose 1, 5, 7, 10, 15 paying lines – it is possible to collect matching symbols on them in order to form beneficial sequences.

Like in other free slot machines, the size of bet per line is determined by means of buttons located in the bottom of playing field. The panel includes the numbers 15, 30, 75, 150, 300. This is the amount of possible stakes. Having pushed any of these keys, you place a bet of corresponding size. Right after that the reels start spinning.

By the way, you may select the stake and make the reels spinning by means of pressing the buttons on the keyboard. Note that you should switch keyboard language to English. The letters C,V,B,N,M correspond to stakes. “C” is used to place stake in 15 credits, “M” – for 300.

Interface Of The Slot Machine

  • Balance/Credit – if you press a blue button, then the currency is changed from playing credits to real money.
  • Win – the field shows the size of win on current spin.
  • Last Win – win during the last spin.
  • Gamble – this button launches Gamble round.

Additional Settings

Same as in cases when you play real casino slot machines online, here it is possible to turn on Autoplay. The button is of orange colour with two arrows which are following each other. When the automatic spinning of reels is launched, it turns red. You can push it in order to stop the Autoplay.

  • The blue button with a speaker allows to turn on/off the sound.
  • The green one with 4 arrows launches full-screen mode.
  • The blue key with “i” letter opens paytable.
  • Te purple with a house depicted on it is used to exit the game.
  • Bonus Games
  • Gamble game

If a user wins playing free slot machine video games, he gets a chance. To use it, push Gamble button. Then the window of risk round is opened – you will see the cards flashing with red and black. You should guess what colour of card appears next and press Red or Black.

Also, there are two parameters on the screen:

  • Gamble Amount – the quantity of participants willing to start Gamble feature;
  • Gamble To Win – shows how many credits the player can win, in case he guesses the colour of card correctly.

If you selected the right colour, then the new card appears. This process continues till the player chooses wrong colour. The amount of winning is shown in the Win window. If a gambler wants to stop the risk game, he can push Collect button. No matter if he selected free play slot machines for fun or real money versions – in both cases the prize is transferred to his balance and new round begins.

Free Spins

In case there are three or more Scatters on reels, the player is awarded with 15 Free Spins. During them the amount of prize is increased three times. You will see a message: “Press Start to launch Bonus Game”. After that the round begins. It can’t be stopped. If 3 or more Scatters appear again, 15 Free Spins are added to these ones.

Bonus Jackpot Cards

In this casino slot machine free games with Jackpot Cards are launched randomly. The round itself consists of 4 levels. There is a card corresponding to each of them:

  • Clubs – the lowest jackpot level
  • Diamonds – level 2
  • Hearts – level 3
  • Spades – level 4, the highest one

The user is guaranteed to win one of these levels.

In the window of bonus game you’ll see 12 cards face up. While playing slot machines online, a gambler should choose 3 same ones. According to selected cards, he gets a jackpot. The higher is the amount of stake, the bigger the jackpot is. To finish gambling, press Collect button. The winning goes to player’s balance and the window of the main round is opened again.