Rock The Mouse Online Slot Game

Rock The Mouse Slot Game Review

Play new casino slot machines by Games OS Rock the Mouse that is developed with standard template – 3 reels, 3 rows and 1 wagering line. It looks like old-school game, but it is designed in anime style and with a lot of peculiar features like jackpot, two bonus rounds and wilds. All of them may be estimated by you right now in the demo game that corresponds completely with the original product form online casinos using the licensed software.

Settings and configurations

Before you start spinning its 3 reels, you need to regulate your stake. You can make it with such buttons:
Coins – you can set either 1 or maximal 5 slot machines coins for betting. Use Coins selector arrows for altering it.

Bet Max – activates maximum 5 coins on wagering.

The total bet is calculated as a product of coins amount by coin value. In Rock the Mouse slot the last parameter is fixed one and is equal to 0.5 credits. Bet screen shows the general stake amount. Thus, the starting point is 0.5 and if you set 5 coins, the total ultimate bet is 2.50. As you see, this game involves low wagers, so it is a nice variant for newbies and for avid players looking for old-themed games. Rock the Mouse slot games android can be conducted only in manual mode and it is triggered with Spin button. However, this game features 3 stop functions for each reel. It means that you may regulate when reels will stop running pressing on them.

Pictures and coefficients

Visit Paytable section for revealing all symbols involved to the gameplay. As far as this slot is developed only with one single strip, the amount of pays is dependent on the set quantity of coins. Thus, in the table of pays you will see five columns with different rewards for them. If you have activated 1 coin before a spin and it results with free slot games victory event, your outcome is highlighted in the first column, if 5 coins – in the fifth one and so on.

All symbols may be divided into following groups:

  • One of a kind combo – coin and seven.
  • Two of a kind combo – violin clef, cherries, bars with red signs and bards with white signs
  • Three of a kind – fishes, hearts and starts.

For example, you have set 5 coins for betting and your spin has been just ended with 2 of a kind combo with violin chef. How to calculate the pays? First, look at the table. In such a condition, this combo brings 50 slots free coins. Now you need to multiply it by coin value (0.5 coins). Thus, 25 coins are the reward. Of course, three same pictures pay high in this game, especially if 5 coins are activated. In such a case with 3 stars you get the jackpot, which terms we will explain later, 2500 coins with hearts and 1000 coins with sevens.

It is really complicated to catch such images in chain, but maybe you will manage to do it, if utilize those stop buttons for each reel.

Features and bonuses

The starting screen in this slot reveals all possible free slot machines bonuses you can estimate here. That is why do not hurry up to skip it and just look through them. At the same time, all features are described at the Paytable and Help areas.

The first special symbol is Wild Bell. In Rock the Mouse game it acts traditionally completing the winning events and standing for other icons. Of course, it cannot effect on special pictures.

Another bonus pictogram is cheese. Just catch two images with its delicious symbol and you will trigger the mini-game called ‘Cheese Lovers Orchestra’. You need to pick your musician and estimate the performance as well as enjoy your win. Moreover, the higher your bet in main mode, the greater are prizes in online slots games for free with bonus rounds. And with 5 coins they are multiplied by 5! The last picture bringing you free coins is Blue Seven. Collect two such sevens and ‘Catch me’ round will be triggered at once. As about the Jackpot, it is progressive one and each time you place real money wager, 2% from it are sent to its general pot. For gathering it you need to play with 5 coins bet and hit three stars in row.