Ninja’s Path Online Slot Game

Ninja’s Path Slot Game Review

If you are the greatest fan of Eastern culture you can learn cooking Japanese food, drift a Japanese car, listen Japanese music, study Japanese arts and watch films with ninjas, Japanese gangsters, Yakuza mobsters and Bruce Lee actions. Seems like there is nothing better that fills you heart with a lot of adrenaline hormone and rebirths your energy from a zero ground, but this statement is actually wrong! But what can be better?! Of course it is Ninja Path free slot, that comes from the strongest sensei of the gambling art – Novomatic software!

Starting the slot feels like you enter the temple of Eastern fighting arts somewhere on the foothills of the Fudziyama. When you take a closer look at the interface visuals you spot the shining symbols. They are made via the full 3D style graphics, Jude like the most of Novomatic video slots. Also they look shining like a katana blaze. They flash during every spin you make, attracting gamblers’ more and more. The rest of the space on the screen is a combination of many bright colors, which looks very aggressive, but the background still remains night dark. It is the style of ninja clothes to keep staying invisible at night! The winning features of the slot also include smooth animation of symbols, when a winning combination is found on the reels.

Ninja Path game is completed with 5 reels and 25 paylines. Unluckily, the slot does not offer any gonus games. But won’t find it as a problem, even more like that – you would not understand this feature, because it is hidden by free spins and a double game feature. With a 9X combo multiplier you can get a pretty high payout!

Do not ignore Ninja Path, it is really worth your attention, providing you with impressive special effects and amazing gameplay, it’s a true gambling art masterpiece! Come to play casino slots at Slots Pill, including of course Ninja Path!