Monty Python’s Life of Brian Online Slot Game

Monty Python’s Life of Brian Slot Game Review

The theme of the game machine Monty Python’s Life of Brian – is a biblical period, described in the same film work, released in theaters in 1979. This comedy tells the story of the adventures of a man named Brian, who was confused with real Messiah, and he didn’t want to persuade people from this. After some time, he discovers that he was actively fighting against the Roman authorities. Taking into consideration the time when this film was made developers of this slot chose the background music. The machine has 5 standard reels and 30 lines.

How to play

To start the game on this free slot machine the player must choose the size of the bet. The number of lines cannot be selected here, so the bet is placed on all 30 lines at one time. You can place your bet from 0.01 to 10 euros; the maximal bet is 300 euros. The size of the bet per rotation you can see with the help of “Total Bet” button. To rotate the drums, you have to press the start button “Spin”.

The slot machines free video has the function of acceleration of the animation of the rotation of the reels; to activate it you must use the “Turbo Mode” regulator on the panel. The “Win” window shows prizes, got for the last rotation. The number in “Progressive Jackpot” indicates the amount of the progressive jackpot, which the player received.

In addition, the slot machine is equipped with a detailed help section, which you can open by pressing on the “Info” button. There player can familiarize with the pay line diagrams, the payouts amounts for each of the characters, as well as the features of the special symbols. Also, this section provides gambler with the rules for bonus mini-games.

The images in the gambling machine

The symbols in the slot machines for free play are represented as the personages in the movie. As for ordinary symbols, there are present the playing cards from Ace to Jacks. In addition to these usual symbols, this slot has special symbols:

  • The wild symbol in form of the stylized movie title, replaces all other pictograms, except for the scatter and bonus;
  • The Scatter symbol is the expanding symbol, it appears only on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th reels. The player will find out the number of free spins only after the selection of one of the characters that appear on the screen after combination of three scatters falls out. During the free-spins the last bet the player placed is used. The work of payouts coefficients activates here, they increase with each successful spin from x1 to x10. Furthermore, the number of free rotations can be increased.
  • The bonus symbol in the form of the temple may appear on the odd drums only. To activate the bonus game, you need to catch a combination of three bonus pictures.


The video slot has a long list of bonus mini-games:

  1. Foot of God – here the player has a chance to hit the jackpot. The player will receive a prize after God hits with his foot.
  2. Pick a Holy Item – the player will take one of the sacred things, each of which hides prize.
  3. Pledge Your Allegiances – user’s bonus depends on the group he chooses.

Also, gambler has a chance to take part in thematic rounds after starting the “Wheel of Fortune”:

  1. Stoning Bonus – you can get a prize by pulling various characters for their beards and throwing stones at them.
  2. What’s So Funny – here you need to move to laughter the Roman soldiers, and the longer they don’t laugh, the higher is a reward of the player.
  3. Romani Ite Domum – user will need to put the inscriptions on the temple as a sign of protest against the Romans. The more player will manage to write before the sunrise, the greater will be his prize.
  4. People’s Front of Judea – here the player must choose the image on the canvas and get a prize.

The slot machine for free play Monty Python’s Life of Brian has a wide functionality and well-implemented theme. The original idea will appeal both to fans of the movie, and the other players who prefer the classic video slots with colorful graphics and high payouts.