Mighty Kong Online Slot Game

Mighty Kong Slot Game Review

Slot machine Mighty Kong manufactured by Pragmatic Play stands out due to progressive jackpots. Casino game is free online and takes place on five reels. The number of lines ranges from 1 to 10. The subject of the device is an adventure. It is dedicated to finding the biggest monkey in the world – the mighty Kong. Four brave souls are taken to scour the jungle in order to find an amazing animal. Will they manage or not? And if they do, what surprises will this meeting bring?

Deal with game management

Mighty Kong slots game for free consists of a control panel and a video screen for the game. Before you launch the device, it is necessary to understand bets and lines. Bets are set using the buttons “minus” and “plus” which are located on the right side of the control panel on the left and right side of the large Play button. Using the key “minus, it is possible to reach the minimal bet. It equals one cent. Using the “plus” button, you can also set the maximal value equal to 3 cents per line. The total stake ranges from 50 to 500 coins. Translated into cash currency – from 0.25 cents to 15 euros.

The bet affects the number of coins that are set as the gaming account. With minimal values, it reaches 50 thousand, with maximal – 10 thousand coins. However, in terms of money equivalent, this sum remains unchanged and is equal to 500 euros. Also, with the increasing the bet, the number of paylines also grows. With maximal settings, their number is the maximum – 10.

You are free to choose in which mode to play. There is an autoplay button on the right side of the control panel. When it is pressed, the reels start rotating automatically. If you are a fan of a manual rotation, just push the button Play.

Regular capabilities

Slot games Mighty Kong reels rotate ten ordinary symbols. The most “insignificant” of them are pictures of letters and numbers 10. They allow you to earn rewards in the range of 20-80 coins.

But there are some symbols that are expensive. For example, a journalist brings winnings:

  1. When three symbols – 100 coins;
  2. When four – 300;
  3. When five – 1000 coins.

Pictures of middle-aged men in the uniform allow to collect:

  • Three pictures – 90 coins;
  • Four – 150;
  • Five – 500 coins.

Bearded man collects in combinations:

  • Three pictures – 75 coins;
  • Four – 125;
  • Five – 250 coins.

A few one-eyed give a prize:

  • Three – 70 coins;
  • Four – 100;
  • Five – 150 coins.

A picture of a young man in a hat give just a little bit of income, but still:

  • Three – 60 coins;
  • Four – 80;
  • Five – 100 coins.

Wild symbol and its capabilities

You shouldn’t refuse from playing casino slot machines for fun just because of these numbers. Mighty Kong device has positive aspects which attract experienced players to play on it.

They are the following:

  1. High odds.
  2. The presence of progressive jackpots.

All of these features are implemented through the Wild symbol. In the game, it is represented by a violent flame. When the wild symbol appears on the third reel, it expands and occupies it whole. If you have a winning combination, rewards received increase several times.

Winning a few thousand on the online slots mobile in a short time is a reality. Multiple jackpots are given with simple combinations of more than three symbols and the Wild symbol.

When the King enters the game

In addition to progressive jackpots, you can also win free spins on the online slots app Mighty Kong. It is possible provided that two or more scatters are displayed on the reels.

Scatter in the game – the Kong – a huge monkey. It literally overshadows the entire screen, roars and beats his chest. When Kong leaves, four proposals on free spins appear on the screen.

If you want to select from all offers five spins, winnings will be multiplied by 8, eight spins – up to 5, thirteen spins – by 3. But 40 free spins are not intended to multiply the reward.