Lucky Wizard Online Slot Game

Lucky Wizard Slot Game Review

Lucky Wizard video slot to play now is a game of 5 reels and 40 paylines developed by Red Tiger Gaming. Spinning the reels in a fabulous green world, the player will have to collect combinations, activate gaming benefits and receive bonus rewards for the appearance of special symbols on the screen. A wizard can randomly bring four gameplay benefits that increase the chances of success.

Lucky Wizard: How to play

Lucky Wizard slot in its demo version offers a sum of 1000 virtual credits for the deposit. This is not real money and you can’t withdraw them from the game. But you can spend them on rotations of this one-armed bandit for fun. Distribute the coins assigning a bet per spin. The default bet in the “Total Stake” box equals two game coins. Thus, each payline costs 0.05 credits.

This value can be increased or decreased using arrows “up” and “down” located on the sides of the set number. The minimal bet is 0.02 credits, and the maximal – 500. Consequently, each line will cost the user 0,005-12,5 coins. These rates affect:

  • the number of possible spins of reels;
  • The size of payments for combinations.

The total number of spins depends on what is the price for each spin individually. So, if you have 1000 credits and set as 500 coins as a bet, you can make only two spins. It would be good if both bring rewards. But the probability of two combinations after 2 spins or even one combo after two rotations is extremely small. By setting a total bet to $ 1 coins, the user can rotate the coils up to 500 times until the deposit is empty, and 500 spins are more likely to bring prize sequences.

Also, a payment depends on the size of the total bet. The more expensive the cost of a spin, the more expensive is every line. The cost of a line, in the case of a winning combination, is multiplied by a factor assigned to a specific length of each symbol’s sequence. Therefore, the lower is the bet, the smaller is the prize and vice versa.

Nevertheless, don’t think that with the increasing of the number of coins received, the game becomes more profitable. Short sequences of some pictures do not cover the cost of a spin. So, even if you get these combinations, a session turns out to be negative – after each rotation, the number of credits will be less and less with each rotation even when it seems that you won.

So, do not forget to check your deposit and the size of rewards, which is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Watch the game and analyse data in order to estimate whether the slot is beneficial and whether your session is successful indeed.

Symbols and payments in the Lucky Wizard slot machine

Lucky Wizard slot provides several categories of symbols that differ not only by the design but also the cost and frequency of occurrence:

  • The most frequently appearing pictures – card suits. Forming a sequence of three elements, they offer a payment in the amount of x6 bets per line. Full set of 5 images in a row brings x40 bets on a line.
  • More expensive symbols – stars, magic items, horseshoe – occur less frequently in the game. Combinations of three symbols in this category are paid x1-x40 of bets size on a line, the maximal numbers are x100-x400.

Special symbols of Lucky Wizard slot to play for Android carry out special in-game features:

  • Wild symbol – four-leaf clover with the “Wild” writing forms combinations. A full set of such pictures brings a payment equivalent to x800 of bets per line. Furthermore, the picture can be involved in the formation of sequences of other symbols (except for special pictures), replacing or extending the missing element.
  • The “LuckyWin” symbol – a symbol with a bag of gold. This picture may drop on the third reel. The user will get a random amount of bonus credits for it.
  • “LuckyBonus” bonus scatter – an icon, which appearing in all three positions on the reeland launches the bonus game.

Special features

In addition to special symbols, LuckyWizard slot with no any deposit offers three gameplay benefits that are triggered randomly during a spin.

  1. “Lucky Reels” substitutes cheap symbols for expensive pictures, increasing the chance of a combination with large payments.
  2. “Lucky Nudges” – in the end of a spin, one or several reels continue rotating for one cell up or down, increasing the chance to get a prize combination.
  3. “Lucky Swap” benefit switches symbols of a low cost with highly-paid pictures with a chance to make a winning sequence.
  4. “Random Wilds” – additional symbols in random positions appear on the screen.

Sing random game advantages, the user increases the chance of a payout in the main game.

Bonus game

When 3 Lucky Bonus symbols appear on the playfield, an additional screen with built-in mini-game opens. The user selects the bubbles with a magic elixir. Each one contains a random amount of credits that are added to the balance as a prize. At the end of a round, the window is closed and the user is returned to the main game – rotations of reels.