Lucky 8 Line Online Slot Game

Lucky 8 Line Slot Game Review

Lucky 8 Line slot machine, made by Swedish developer Net Entertainment will be enjoyed by players, especially the fans of classical slots with fruits, numbers and bars. The main attention of players is attracted to gaming process – spins of the reels, so there is no certain storyline here.

Lucky 8 Line, just as all other slot machine, works on the principle of random number generator (RNG for short). The player presses the start button, the reels are starting to spin, and after they stop the symbols will form random combinations – empty, or winning ones. The main goal of the game is to get as many winning combinations as possible.

How to play Lucky 8 Line for free

This video slot has a free demo version. Slot gives you a credit (in bonus currency), which you can use for betting in the game. You don’t need to download and install any additional client programs to play a demo version of this game, you only have to open the web page with this slot to launch the gaming interface.

The gaming interface depicts a gaming reeland with 3 reels and 3 rows of symbols on them. Slot has 8 prize lines, but since the number of lines is not fixated, you can use any amount of those for playing.

Down the reeland the control panel is located.

Control panel

The control panel’s interfaces (from left to right):

  • Paytable – is an information table of this slot. It has information on prize combinations and their values (prizes for those, to be exact). The number of prizes is changed after each edition made to slot’s settings, so we recommend you to visit the Paytable before each spin with new playing conditions.
  • Clear Bets will set your bet to zero;
  • Single line will activate one prize line (the player gets to choose which one);
  • All lines will activate all 8 lines; also, it controls the size of the bet;
  • Bet Max will start a spin with maximal amount of lines and the highest bet.
  • Spin will launch a single spin on conditions set by the player.

There are two windows to the right of the reels. Those are Coins, where the current balance of the player is being displayed, and Coin Value, where the player can see the game currency to real money ratio.

The two lines above the reels are showing a last received prize and overall bet for next spin.

Symbols and prize combinations

This game doesn’t have any special multipliers like Wild symbol, Scatter or Bonus. Only simple multipliers. The Lucky 8 Line slot has 10 of those: 7, single, doubled, and tripled Bar, watermelon, bell, plum, orange, cherries and Bar + Any; those are standard symbols of classical fruit machines. Each symbol has its own prize combination. For example, to get a prize for cherries you only need one such symbols, but to get a prize for 7s – you need 3. The size of the prize is also individual for each combination.

The maximal prize combination is 777. The second best is three tripled Bars; next are tree doubled Bars and three single Bars. Then there are combinations of three watermelons, bells, plums, oranges, Bar + Any and cherries. The smallest prize is given for 1-2 cherries on the line.

Additional settings

The bottom left corner of the gaming field has 4 icons for technical parameters of the game.

Wrench is used for sound settings and to change the speed of the spins.

A speaker icon is for turning on/off the sound accompaniment of the slot.

The button depicting a question mark will open a new window where you can get a detailed description on the slot, all the game rules, useful information about symbols and prize combinations.

Auto button will start the Autoplay game mode, where all the spins are automatic. Press it, select the number of continuous spins – 15, 25, 50, 75, 100, 250, 500, 750 or 1000, and the reels will start spinning non-stop.