Funky Monkey Online Slot Game

Funky Monkey Slot Game Review

Tired of standard fruit machines, Egyptian and Marvel slots and want to get some get some fresh impressions from gambling? Well, it can be easily done by playing Funky Monkey free online slot developed by Playtech that is remarkable for its funny unusual theme and design. Untypically for modern slots, this one has only one payline and distinguished by gameplay simplicity. Because of the absence of large number of paylines some gamblers can find it not rewarding but this Playtech creation is definitely worth attention of players who treat the slots like an art and undoubtedly, Funky Monkey represents its new and separate genre.

Slots settings and gameplay

To find out what payouts can be completed on these reels and 1 payline, have a look at right upper corner of the screen where game`s Paytable is places. This free slots online gameplay does not have any buttons responsible for Info section but it features a range of options player needs to regulate betting settings.

There are two ways to adjust stake value in Funky Monkey slot game:

  1. To do it manually using the button located in left bottom corner (it changes coin denomination which affects total bet amount)
  2. Or to set the lowest or the highest wagers automatically using corresponding buttons (Min/ Max Bet). The lowest wager is € 0.01, the biggest one is € 15

Spin button is used to trigger individual spins (one spin per one click). Autoplay and gamble options are not featured in this slot.

Playing slot games for fun: symbols value and payouts

There are 8 types of symbols provided in Funky Monkey slot:

  • 4 kinds of Bars: simple Bar, 1Bar, 2Bar and 3Bar
  • Bananas
  • Sunglasses
  • African drum – djembe
  • Palm tree
  • Bungalow

Bars are the cheapest icons, the winning combination completed from 3 any random bars cost up to 30 credits depending on the stake size, while winning line formed from three 3Bar icons brings you up to 180 coins.

Bananas are tasty tropical fruits and payouts they bring in this game are sweet too – not more than 240 coins for 3 symbols landed on a payline.

When minimum stake is placed, 3 pairs of sunglasses appeared on a winning payline increase player’s bankroll with100 coins, however if you feel easy about changing the bet, raise it and receive 300 coins instead of 100.

In this casino slot online image of bungalow stands before the most well-paid symbol in slots Paytable. 3 pictures of a kind appeared on a payline grants from 200 to 600 coins depending on bet value.

Well, here they are – palm and bungalow symbols, in Funky Monkey slot they can be considered as the most desirable icons because the payouts they complete are the highest:

  • 3 palms landed on selected payline cost 400 coins if the lowest stake is set. If player selects maximum wager the prize is increased up to 1200 coins
  • Finally, we’ve reached the most highly paid combination featured in this free slot machines games – 3 alike djembe (type of African drum) covering one winning payline. Under the minimum stake they gladden the player with 800 coins while the maximum payout they can form is 2500 coins.

How to cheat a slot

Cheating a slot machine is a favourite topic of many gamblers because most people do really appreciate the thought of getting free cash without effort.

It is possible to find dozens of so-called effective strategies of slots cheating on the internet. Some resources advice to implement certain betting approaches, another – to play in certain time of the day, there are some specialists who believe that after definite number of spins winning combination will be obviously landed and this way there is a chance to calculate when jackpot will appear.

What we can say about all these tips which promise to beat the online slots is that they are completely useless because all slot machines have RNG (random number generator) from its inside which figures out results of each spin on absolutely random basis. When player presses Spin button it starts completing thousands of combinations and even before the reels are stopped, the outcome is already defined.