Irish Luck Online Slot Game

Irish Luck Slot Game Review

Leprechaun’s gold theme has already recognized as classic, especially in Irish Luck online slots game free by Playtech. Gold, mysteries and legends become alive on its 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 wagering lines with its 94.25% theoretical return to player. Charming women, shamrock, pots with gold, harps, jewellery and other precious symbols are running on its columns right after you have triggered it with spin button. What is more? Nice design, sound effects and unpredictable bonuses.

Features and general rules how to play Irish Luck

As we have mentioned in the introduction, Ireland, shamrock and leprechauns’ gold theme can be regarded as the classical one now, because it like fruits and sevens in fruit-themed slots, but with more features and amenities in parallel with ordinary one. Thus, its casino slot machines games can be played with 30 wagering lines (the amount is alterable) on three rows and five reels. It involves great range for coin value from the minimal 0.01 pound to the ultimate 5 pounds enabling the player to place any stake he wishes and it is only the beginning for surprises.

Eleven ordinary and two special icons with such features as staked to the reels wild, free spins with multipliers and bonus game are added to the game play. Therefore, as you see, here you have enough options for assembling not only ordinary combinations, but also, for getting some extra money completely for free.

However, before you start gaming, it is necessary to adjust the slot to your demands, as well as learn more about all those icons and all slots terms and conditions for creating winning chains with them.

Customizing the game to our tastes

If you know all Irish Luck slot peculiarities, it is your ticket to success. And the first step is to learn everything about settings panel. It involves such groups of buttons:

  • Autoplay/Start – launching the gaming process
  • Coin value/lines/bet per line/max bet – regulating the general stake amount and effecting on the pays as well.
  • Info – revealing symbols and pays

Now more details about each category and its peculiarities. Before you start gaming in any of mentioned modes, you need to set the preferable wager. This parameter is altered with bet per line and amount of lines taken to the spin. As about Coin value, it shows the exchanging ratio from gaming credit to real money and has its own impact on all slots casino wagering requirements too.

Thus, first, determine the amount of lines, because the Irish Luck is created with its alterable quantity that can be set in ranges from 1 to 30. Change it pressing on the +/- buttons at the Lines selector.

The next step is selecting the coin value. Press on the button with 1 coin symbol and title ‘click to change’. It expands the menu with all possible options here – 17 denominations from 0.01 pound to 5 pounds per 1 gaming credit. You change the ranges for Bet per Line altering its parameter. In such a way, with the minimal coin value – 0.01 pound, you can place stakes in range 0.01 pound – 0.10 pounds. And if you set the maximal value – 5 pounds, the ranges for online slots betting will be greater – 5 – 50 pounds per line. In addition, it is possible to set the highest possible bet with the further spin clicking on Max Bet key.

All the alterations are displayed on the screens Lines, Line Bet and Total Bet. The total bet parameter is counted due to the proportion: bet per line x lines. For example, if you have chosen all stripes and set the 5 pounds per line wager, the general stake is equal to 150 pounds (5 pounds x 30 lines).

Info button opens the Paytable with all pays for each combo, as well as general information about features and bonuses. Press on Show Paylines for opening the schemes for each of 30 lines. With Hide Paylines button you will be returned to the Info menu and with Back – to the free slots games for fun online. Paytable section involves 2 slides. Use the special arrows for navigating through it.

In addition, at the right upper corner you can find two small buttons – spanner and volume. Operating with them you can make additional settings and reveal the detailed rules for the game.

Symbols and coefficients

On its five reels, you can assemble the luxurious combinations with the following icons – horseshoe, clover, shamrock, ring, harp, pot with gold, charming woman and ordinary card symbols from Ace to nine. This free slot machines no deposit is truly generous one and you will see, if open the table of pays. Its calling card is two of a kind combo for pot with gold, nine, wild, horseshoe and ring.

Traditionally, card symbols do not bring high pays. However, it all depends on its suit, actually. For example, five of a kind chain with Ace or King pay 150 credits, whilst with Queen, Jack, 10 or 9 – 100 credits. Moreover, with two nines you can get 2 credits that are multiplied by the bet per line. Yes, it is not the great sum, especially, if low stakes are set, but it is better than nothing.

As about the most rewarding ordinary icons, they are the following ones:

  • Horseshoe and ring – bring 750 gaming credits for assembled 5 of a kind
  • Clover – 400 credits for the same combo
  • Shamrock and harp – 250 credits for the same combo.

All wins in its free slot machines for mobile phones are counted from left to right and can be created only on the outlined in the Info section paying lines.

And as you have guessed, lady and pot are peculiar characters in this slot. Ladies are not only wilds, but also can bring impressive pays if gathered in a chain:

  • Five of a kind with them – 10000 credits.

As about Scatter, collecting two of them and more you activate the total bet multiplier. Scatters do not have to be assembled on any line to bring pays, thus, if you get two of a kind it doubles the total wager, and five pots increase it 500 times!

Features and bonuses

All features and bonus rounds are triggered by wild and scatter in Irish Luck slots free play. Wild symbol is a charming person and its picture occupies three cells on the reels and acts as Stacked one. It completes the winning chains for making the luxurious rewards. Moreover, all combinations created with its symbol are paid with x2 multiplier. It can stand for almost all icons, except Scatter. Thus, catching the ladies on the reel you may expect for such amenities as:

  • X2 multiplier for winning chains with it
  • Completed combinations
  • Independent pays just for wilds outlined above.

As about Scatter, three and more chains with it bring up to 33 free spins. So, catching 3 Scatters you get 8 free spins with x2 multiplier on default. Now it is up to you how many free spins slots online you will earn. The screen with bonus game – 5 pots – is opened automatically after collecting necessary number of Scatters. You can choose 2 pots and can get such rewards:

  • 7, 10 or 15 additional free spins
  • x5 or x8 multiplier

In such a way, you can collect maximum 33 free spins or get x15 multiplier for gaming free games mode.

The free spins involve the following characteristics:

  • Reels are rotated automatically without user involvement.
  • Amount of lines and total wager set in main game when free rounds were gained are saved for free mode too.
  • All wins collected during free spins are summed up, multiplied and paid at the end of the feature
  • The player is returned to the main mode automatically.

How to trick the slot machine

Playing any slot machines free bonus, we desire to hit the luxurious pays. However, slot machines are famous for its randomness and its ‘blue mood’ from time to time. So, is it possible to trick them and hit the jackpot? Or it is just the impartial machine generating winning or not-winning chains?

Well, if any 100% winning strategies had existed, its inventor would have never shared them with us, because all gambling houses would have become bankrupt. It would have been just a matter of time. Moreover, if it is possible to predict or cheat any game, it is not fair and illegal in the gambling world that is built on the principles of clarity and randomly generated outcomes.

As you have noticed, we have already used word ‘random’ few times. What does it mean regarding the slots? All casino video slot machines are developed with RNG – random number generator. It creates the sequences of results that cannot be predicted anyhow.

However, if you still want to organize your gambling activity we offer you to pay attention to such things as:

  • Theoretical return to player
  • Gameplay peculiarities and features
  • Bankroll management

The first parameter shows how much this game returns from all made wagers to player in any time. This game has 94,25% ratio.

As about the second one it can be helpful at the very beginning, before you have started the game. Study Paytable area and all possible features, as well as amount of wagering lines and ranges for stakes. The more options you are offered in free internet casino slot games, the higher is probability to get extra pays during free spins or bonus rounds, for example. So, do not choose plain games. And, of course, compare few offers on the same thematic and make the best pick for you.

And the last, but not the least tip – bankroll management. It is highly important to control your money. Set the maximal sum that can be lost (and minimal if you wish), as well as try to define how much you would like to gain. Just do not laugh. It is better be realistic. For example, triple or double the initial bankroll. And if you have gained this aim, it is better stop and enjoy your wins.

The secrets of slot machine

As we have just concluded – it is impossible to trick online slots free no deposit. However, maybe it keeps some secrets that should be known for getting higher pays? Again, we are going to say – no.

Slot machine is in fact the mathematical algorithm creating random numbers sequences and bright design, animation and visual/sound effects. Yes, it is simplified description, but, in fact, it is so. All possible combinations, features, bonuses, jackpots and other amenities are outlined in the Info area or in Paytable. Moreover, they are described in full details in Rules.

As about Irish Luck slot by Playtech, it is built with such secrets – 8 free spins with x2 multiplier and staked wild with built-in x2 multiplier activated when combos with slot games wild are created. The point is that player can improve amount of free spins earning some extra in bonus game, as well as picking higher multipliers.

Myths about the game

Online video slots can beat the roulette regarding the amount of myth and other mysterious stories about them. In fact, with slot games we have only one problem – they are bright and promising, that is why they tempt gamblers so much. And due to such simple fact, the following myths appeared (we have selected the most common ones about online slots, not land-based slot machines):

‘Slot will definitely reward me, if it has high RTP. Yes, due to its RTP ratio (94.25%), it is obviously not worst slot games on iPad. However, the RTP only shows the amount that can be rewarded back to you, but does not promise to give you it right away. So, if you stake 1 dollar per spins, it does not mean that you will win surely 94.25 cents back the same spin. This number only shows that this slot will surely the prize sometimes. That is all.

‘If to increase wager, I will get wins/jackpot for sure. Stakes do not effect anyhow on RNG. Nothing has impact on it. Thus, lowering or increasing wagers you just risk losing everything or hitting the jackpot, if it is your day.

‘When game is not played, it does not generate numbers’. The RNG processor does not stop. It works, when slot games are not triggered. Therefore, even if you try hard, you will not predict the result.

Still do not believe? Make your own elementary experiment with coin or dices and just consider that everything is much more serious with online casinos.

History of the game

Irish Luck slot appeared in online casinos in August 2009. Being 7 years on the market, it has already become popular among not only fans of ‘Irish’ slots, but also – the ordinary players due to its nice interface and visual effects in parallel with its features.

The ‘Irish’ thematic traditionally involves leprechauns, pots with gold, rainbow, clovers and other mythological attributes of luck. Of course, all those slot symbols go deeply to the past, to legends and fairy-tales in which leprechauns are depicted as old men travelling on the rainbow and hiding beneath it their pots with treasures. However, they can deceive you and it will vanish, so be careful and make a wish, if you meet them. And such standard items as horseshoe or shamrock have already become a classic for superstitious people as personification of wellness and richness.

As you see, all those icons are taken to the gameplay in Irish Luck slot (except leprechauns). Moreover, modern symbols of gaming – cards, are spinning on the reels to make the process bright and rich one.

Thematic of the slot

Irish Luck top free slots has the name that says for itself – in this Playtech product you will find almost all characters and symbols from the Irish folk stories telling about rich people. All icons here starting from the horseshoe and ending with the shamrock symbolize the success and what is more important – attract it. Literally and metaphorically, of course.

Such slots are highly popular among fans of mythology, believers in predictions and sign or just players who enjoy the Playtech creativity and quality.