Hitman Online Slot Game

Hitman Slot Game Review

Welcome back to online slots’ collection at Slots Pill! This time Microgaming software developers present another epic video game, which also includes amazing graphics. The talk is about Hitman video slot – online casino game, which is based on the Hitman computer video game and includes very similar graphics. It is really very nice, because it’s made quality and every detail satisfies gamblers’ eyes in fully. Except design it also includes interesting gameplay, that will be nice for beginners and professional gamblers. To see how nice this game really is you should check out online slots’ collection at Slots Pill and just play it!

The first feature you will notice and fall in love is visuals – Hitman free slot is very modern and realistic. Technology of 3D graphics do their work very nice and on the reels there are images of main hero, different kinds of guns, including japanese weapons, electronic devices and some other stuff from this legendary game! Seems like original game was suited into casino software and received a little bit different skin. Also, it has pretty nice sound effects, which burns up a spirit of a good action, so it is, probably one of the best video slots was ever made!

So what does this Microgaming software powered online casino slot game technically includes? Well, it includes 5 reels, 15 paylines and, in order to keep your payouts high, it can get high bets. You can just keep the game playing by itself, using auto play mode. Also there are such interesting features as free spins and bonus games. It offers such bonus games as Contract Bonus game, Insignia Bonus game. The first one can award you with unbelievable jackpot, more then 200 thousand points, the second is capable only for 6 thousand. Check out video slots at Slots Pill and join the action!