Cloud Quest Online Slot Game

Cloud Quest Slot Game Review

The shift away from the classic gameplay on the slot machines became popular with the development of computer technology. Along with the usual reels and lines appear slot machine free games online that are not bind to the lines, and rotation is replaced by the free fall and the replacement of characters. The same situation is with slot machine Cloud Quest – the symbols are combined with each other, they may turn into wild and continue creating winning combinations with adjacent symbols.

Interface and game rules

The control panel in the free slot machines Cloud Quest is quite simple and it has a small number of buttons. On the left side there is Pay table menu, where you can learn about the symbols and payouts, and Auto play option, where you can set up the automatic game. There are no prize lines in the game, but you can place bet on the round, there are in total 5 of them available – from 0.10 to 3. Finally, there is Play button, which starts the game.

In point of fact, user has small influence on what is happening on the screen – everything totally depends on luck. The symbols fall out on the 5×5 reeland, combinations are formed vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Having formed a combination, symbols are combined into wild character and move down vertically. If wild symbol fills in new combination game will continue, if there are no combinations game will be over and player will get payout.

Before the round one of the fields in horizontal is marked as a bonus. If all 5 symbols on this line disappear player will get a bonus round. When you collect all symbols on the reeland slot will present you with additional prize.

Symbols and payouts

In total there are 11 symbols involved in the game on slot machine Cloud Quest. Seven ordinary symbols have the smallest payouts: Power core, Book, Bottle, Shield, pommel, Dagger and Sword. The portraits of main heroes have the biggest value – magician, warriors, and a wild symbol. If you play free slot machines for fun online and open the Pay table menu, change the bet on the control panel then you will see prizes for certain combinations of symbols.

The symbol “power core” influences the increase of the payout for the combination and the possibility to receive bonus rounds. When player collects 3 or more symbols he gets payouts and boosts of energy, that can be seen in the right corner of the screen.

  • 3 symbols in a combination – 1 section on the counter;
  • 4 symbols in a combination – 2 sections on the counter;
  • 5 symbols in a combination – 3 sections on the counter.

In total there are 10 sections in the counter, when you fill them in you increase chances for falling out of additional bonus. Once player gets his prize for a round, the rotation of the counter starts and player gets random number of Super Power bonuses, it depends on the sector where arrow will stop.

The bonus rounds

The bonus possibilities in the slot machine games casino will be open for the player if he complies with several conditions. It is possible to get Super Power Bonus when you accumulate enough charges on the counter, in other words if you collect combinations of “Power Core” symbols. When the player has enough power, he can get one of the superpowers:

  • Five of Fortune – during re-spins payouts for all winning combinations are multiplied in five times;
  • Emblem of Endurance – during the re-spin two wilds appear on the reeland, they won’t disappear until the winning combinations are formed or until they form an independent combination;
  • Mark of Multitude – during re-spins additional wild symbols fall out in winning combinations. There will be still standard transformation of the central symbol into the wild in a combination of 3 characters.In the combination of 4 characters – 2 central turn into wilds, in a combination of 5 characters – three central symbols become wild.
  • Scatter of Success – during re-spins any symbol can turn into a scatter.

The bonus round in the slot machines free play activates when all 5 symbols on selected horizontal line form a combination. At the start of the bonus round player gets from 5 to 20 free spins, which are to be used in the 3-reel slot with one pay line. In this mode, a monster acts as the enemy, which can be fought by winning combinations or 3 special tags. The victory over the monster increases the player’s level and gives 3 extra spins on the account. Having defeated 5 monsters, the player receives a special prize, in which bet is multiplied in 100 times.