Gift Rap Online Slot Game

Gift Rap Slot Game Review

What’s up, boys and girls, what it do, what it do? How do you like online slots’ collection at Slots Pill? Probably it’s about going to “bang-bang real thang is going on in the house, because that’s the time of Gift Rap video slot! So, chill out and drop that thing at online slots’ collection at Slots Pill, where you can get real deal with free slots and get some booty cash, bro! Check out this funny Microgaming software powered slot game spit that game for real, no tough talks only, real talk, baby!

Gift Rap video slot is a game, where the toys and Christmas are main features and some of toys are suited up into hip-hop clothes. For example, it is really funny and pretty, when you see a surprise box and it shots a snowman, wearing sport hat, dark sunglasses and golden chain. Also, there are such characters as elfs, spitting some rhymes to the microphone, clockwork monkey, toy bear, a duo of elfs – girl and boy, toy mobile karaoke, an a can of confetti, toy hammer and a peg-top. As you assume, it’s all about hip-hop style, so when a winning combination drops on the reels you can listen funk rap. Main colors are green, that paints background and red, that paints a line in the upper part of screen with game’s title.

Technically, Gift Rap video slot includes 5 reels and 25 paylines. This Microgaming software powered slot also has such symbols, as Wild and Scatter. Bonus features are included as well. Also, it offers quite nice jackpot. Gift Grab mode is a bonus, thus you can get more fun with this feature and it’s a way to approach to jackpot. Get 3 snowmen symbols on the reels and you can get yourselves around 30 thousand points! Come to play for fun at Slots Pill and enjoy this creative and unique game!