Triple Crown Online Slot Game

Triple Crown Slot Game Review

This is not, what you, actually, have expected to see! Maybe you wanted to play the newest casino slots with 3D graphics and delightful interface, but instead of all of your expectations you get a classic slot game with very laconic design and simple gameplay. Graphics features are very primitive, but they help to be concentrated on the gameplay and cash-getting. But in general, it looks like a real slot machine and that’s good, because classic slots are still not dead! Meet Triple Crown free casino slot! Available with no download!

So what is interesting to see there? If honestly – nothing! If someone wants to play a classic slot he chases two aims – winning money and playing classic slot. And, perhaps, nothing else, because classic slot can’t offer anything else! Video slots at Slots Pill think this simple game from Betsoft software developers is a copy of real slot machine. And that’s true – even the background is realistic. Watch behind the screen and you will see red curtains. Also, the game has round top and a mechanism, which makes the reels spin. Of course, you just need to place the bet and click the button, but the mechanism will be turned down, just like it’s a real life!

This is a very simple game with 3 reels and only 1 winning line. For those who plans to go hard and hit a jackpot it’s strongly recommend to make a maximum bet which is 3 coins. Comparing it to the rest of classic slots there is nothing more simple – it doesn’t even have Wild icon! Only the icons, which include different awards. And with a top bet you can become a lucky owner of 5 thousand winning points jackpot! This game can be found at online slots’ collection at Slots Pill.