Genius of Leonardo Online Slot Game

Genius of Leonardo Slot Game Review

A gambling machine Genius of Leonardo, created by EGT, is characterised by high initial stakes. Combinations drop on five reels. The number of active lines is 30. Free slot machine play casino is dedicated to the inventions of medieval genius Leonardo da Vinci. Each of them is profitable in certain combinations. What happens when there are several? Interesting combinations and bonus games are truly captivating.

High stakes

Manufacturers of the casino slot free machines Genius of Leonardo made it possible to set high bets. Such numbers as 30, 60, 150, 300, 600 are not surprising here. They mark Start buttons that launch the reels, which makes it possible to set bets separately with each spin. An option to play manually is welcomed since even the minimal bet of 30 coins is quite high.

At the beginning of the game, there are 50 thousand coins on the balance, which allows the game to continue for a long time even at the highest stake of 600 coins. In addition to the starting amount, all rewards are added there. To monitor how you bankroll changes, there is a special display on the left side of the casino slot machines online control panel. You can also see your winnings. For this purpose, there is another display on the left side of the panel.

The reels began to spin by pressing one of the buttons with selected number.

Profitable combinations

Almost all combinations that are displayed on the screen are profitable. Even pictures with the minimal value – the letters A, K, Q, J and number 10 ultimately give a good reward. Maximal winnings for the first two letters are 200 coins; for the last two and the number – 10-100 coins.

Due to the fact that all bets are high, all digital values are literally profitable. The most expensive symbols:

  • Water towers.
  • Turbines for boats.
  • Flying machines.

A combination of water towers allows you to win:

  • 50 coins – if three images;
  • 250 coins – if four;
  • 800 coins – if five.

Turbines for boats or flying machines bring:

  • 30 coins – if three images;
  • 150 coins – if four;
  • 600 coins – if five images.

Even average combinations are beneficial – Perpetuum Mobile and Mobile Machinery. Both combinations allow to gain:

  • 20 coins for three symbols;
  • 100 coins – four;
  • 400 coins for five characters.

Special symbols

Online slots with no deposit Genius of Leonardo provides two special pictures – Wild symbol and Scatter symbol. Although they are neutral in relation to each other, each of them contributes to a winning.

The wild symbol is designed as a sign of a human physical strength. A combination of these symbols gives the following rewards:

  • 100 coins if there are three of them;
  • 500 coins – if four of them;
  • 1,000 coins – if five of them.

Moreover, the overall reward is counted taking into account every combination of symbols. Plus, they all are individually multiplied by two due to the presence of Wild symbols.

Scatter in slots free online fun – Portrait of Mona Lisa. It is active only on the second, third and fourth reels.


Scatter of the game Genius of Leonardo brings free spins. Though there are certain conditions – you need to play a bonus mini-game.

If you see three or more Portraits of Mona Lisa, you will get the right to guess. You are asked to select one of many Portraits which you believe is genuine.

A certain number of spins corresponds to each of the portraits in the room. The countdown begins from 5. Max – 50 bonus spins.

After you have chosen, a multiplier appears. For example, at the rate of 60 coins and 5 won free spins on slot machines: 60 x 5. The resulting sum is your ultimate reward.

It turns out that each successful spin brings a profit. All received rewards are summed up and added to a multiplier. The resulting number is displayed on the scoring display.