Gemstone Jackpot Online Slot Game

Gemstone Jackpot Slot Game Review

For those who love shining diamonds and a lot of other types of expensive rocks Novomatic soft has something really-really flashy! It’s guaranteed that you would not get off this game easy and it’s magnetic as hell! Open this chest up and put these jewels together color by color to make yourself a bit richer. Just when your will be keeping spinning the slot reels, betting 1 and getting 2 for that your eyes will stuck the process, because those stones look very beautiful and realistic! It’s all about Gemstone Jackpot casino slot, that you can play for fun at Slots Pill just like a lot of other slots!

Except the opportunity to win so much money in Gemstone jackpot you will also enjoy a full 3D graphics and very harmonic interface. Located on the black background those gems tells you how quality and serious the game is. Also, verything is easy and simple as much as possible and there is nothing excess!

This game features 5 reels and 10 paylines. Get the same types types of gemstone in a payline and fire up the opportunity of really massive chances to fill the pockets with income via the Lock & Spin mode! When you find that some same stone stay in line on the reels they form an area, where the symbols do not spin. It gets locked. The other parts of slot reels keep spinning until the stones on the other parts of slot make a combo of the same stones stay in line. They get to the existing lock, adding them. When this process finishes the symbols get free and you get some nice winning combination! You can win at all up to 5 million points! Novomatic soft powered video slots are always what the best slots should be, offering the gambler the best choice on the market!