New York Gangs Online Slot Game

New York Gangs Slot Game Review

This New York Gangs slot games for free and fun from Games OS takes us to the bandits’ times and offers its own criminal features and bonuses – Russian Roulette, Odd Man Out and even jackpot! So, if you are ready to become the main figure in this world, explore this game step by step and after making all necessary alterations – trigger the gameplay.

Define sum of money you are ready to cash-in

Each slot review is started with the control panel and table of pays description. The first parameter helps you to establish money strategy and the second one – reveals what you may expect from the game.

On the settings panel of this slot machine games to play now you can find the following tools effecting on the total bet amount:

  • Line Price – utilizing this option set the appropriate stake per one line in limits 0.50 – 4.00 coins
  • Bet One – this button adds one more line to the wagering.
  • Bet Max – activates all lines.

Useful tip: for avoiding boring clicking on Bet One button in order to set, for example, 15 lines, better press on the bullet with number ‘15’ on it. It activates all 15 lines from the 1st one to the 15th.

Traditionally, user has the choice whether to conduct it in ordinary mode or trigger free slot games instant play session of self-regulated spins. Use the following options for starting the gaming in the preferable mode:
Start – launches ordinary mode.

Autoplay – initiates the series of automatic spins. You have two shortcuts – 5 and 10 placed beneath the Autospin button. Press on them to trigger 5 or 10 spins. Also, clicking on Autospin you may choose one of the following variants: 100, 50, 20, 10 or 5 automatic rounds.

Note that Autospin mode is triggered with pre-defined stake and each round is started with it. If you want to make few changes or just stop it – use Stop function.

Meet all powerful and serious gangsters on its slots lines and reels

Only dangerous gangsters will stay on your way to gold in this slot. Nine symbols, among which is the Jackpot one, create the winning events here. Of course, for getting pays for certain combos, you need to assemble them on the paying lines starting from the left one reel. Note, that if you do not activate all lines, your chances to win becomes less.

Four gangsters and four tools in parallel with golden bars, which can bring you the Jackpot reward in real-money mode, are the main symbols in this game. In parallel with them three special pictures, which we are going to consider later, are added to the online slots gaming mode too.

The minimal combos that are built-in to slot:

  • Two of a kind – with gangsters and gold
  • Three of a kind – with other pictures.

The outcomes are credited accordingly to the bet per line that multiplies the defined amount of credits in the Paytable. One of our tests resulted with a Big Win – 1200 coins for five of a kind with smoking gangster. Due to Paytable we have gained just 400 credits. But before a spin we have set 3.00 coins per line, thus – 400×3 = 1200 coins reward.

Take a breath – Russian roulette has been just triggered

As we have mentioned, free slot games on iphone features progressive jackpot only in real money mode. Acting as regular symbol, gold pays x3000 multiplier of the line bet. If you have already launched money gaming, just place special side bet and catch five of a kind with this picture for getting your prize.

Other special icons in the gameplay are Wild and two Bonus pictures adding the following amenities:

Wild – acts as usual with one single difference – appearing on the 2nd and 4th columns it activates MegaWild feature. In simple words – it covers the whole reel and after it, you have three wilds for creating combos.

Suitcases – are slot machines bonus pictures requiring minimum three of a kind chain on any active paying line for opening Odd Man Out bonus. Your mission is to kill one gangster and get your cash for excellent shot! Revolver – is symbol of Russian Roulette bonus. It does not need to be explained long – you have five shots and for each dry shot you get money. If you cap yourself, well, say good-bye to your prize. For triggering the mode, collect at least three bonus icons on the line. Thus, just complete all gangsters’ demands and play by their rules for reaching your own goals.