Fountain of Youth Online Slot Game

Fountain of Youth Slot Game Review

Online slot machine Fountain of Youth from Playtech company differs by small number of active lines – just three. Furthermore, staying active can only two of them, and this parameter is regulated not by player himself, but by result of wheels` rotation. Also there is small amount of basic symbols.

Main points of gameplay

Anyway, to a certain degree, user can set amount of active chains from one to three. However, result of a spin can make any of them impossible for combination`s creation. It is reasoned by the fact that reels represent one or two symbols.

In such a way, second and third lines can bring winning only if at all verticals stay two pictures. In its turn, first horizontal will pay prize only in case of display one cell. Player can regulate number of chains with the help of Bet One button, every click at it will change the lines` number.

Alike button – Bet Max – will determine three chains for rotation at once and will launch it. Basic button of spin`s start is rectangle with the same name in the center of lower console. Preterm stop is not provided here.

Before rotation of reels in video slot it is necessary to choose size of bet. Single investment is regulated in left lower corner of the screen. Here there is also counter with plus and minus. It is up to player to determine one of the meanings between 0,01 and 5. Minimum and maximum meanings you can learn, when one switching buttons becomes inactive.

All bets are placed in conventional units. Gamer`s balance in virtual currency can be seen under mentioned regulator, initially it equals 2000. It worth paying attention that it represents balance after every next spin, from current amount of coins is deducted set general bet.

It is received by multiplying amount of active lines at single bet. Result is represented in window Bet leftward from playing field. Rightwards from wheels will be shown winning for recent spin.

Combinations and symbols

As it was said, there are relatively small amount of boxes in free video slot game Fountain of Youth, however number of wheels is just three that doesn`t decrease chances for winning. All symbols bring prizes only in amount of three pieces and have different multipliers, which increase single bet:

  • White flower have coefficient 30;
  • Frog owns multiplier equal to 60;
  • Bird increases investment for a line in 125 times;
  • Butterfly will pay 260 bets per a line.

Separate attention deserves picture of Fountain. Its coefficients depends on the line, where situates three symbols. First line will bring 400 investments, second – 600, third – 800.

Beside mentioned combinations, it is necessary to note opportunity of creation chains of any three symbols. In such a way, likely, compensates feature of reels to depict different amount of boxes. That is why, for three different icons on an active line player will get four bets on it.

Additional opportunities

In casino slot game Fountain of Youth there are no bonus symbols, special rotations or rounds, jackpots or doubling games. That is why, additions in it are only in settings of interface and mode of automatic spins.

Let`s begin with the last. Autoplay can be found in right upper corner under the wrench. It is enough to move cursor to it to see falling list, one of its point is Autoplay. Click at this key opens in right lower corner additional window, where is determined amount of desirable automatic spins.

Amount of rotations without user`s involvement can vary from 1 to 99. Plus and minus will help to set necessary number. After this push button with triangle, which activates autogame. It can be stopped in any moment by button with the cross.

Setting of interface includes regulation of sound, ability to set quick wheels` rotation and also turning off helping messages and video before playing on the slot machine for fun from Playtech studio.