Caesar’s Empire Online Slot Game

Caesar’s Empire Slot Game Review

Caesars Empire slot – casino slot game without commission on a historical theme, developed by RTG. Playing on the 5 reels and 20 paylines, the user collects prize chains, activates a competitive advantage and can participate in the drawing progressive jackpot. Slot allows you to adjust the settings, comfortable setting parameters for games and offers several game modes.

Caesars Empire: How to play?

When a user downloads the Caesars Empire free app, the gaming machine balance accrued virtual credits already, for which you can play. Examine the control panel and adjust the settings by yourself:

  • Set the number of paylines to the “Lines” column. The minimum paylines value in this slot to play for free – 1, maximum – 20. Remember that the more paylines are involved, the higher the chance to get paid as a result of a combination of the rotation. This option does not affect the frequency of falling chains as a whole, but ensures that any sequence to an arbitrary line is paid. Appointing 20 “Paymaster” lines, keep in mind that the spin will be more expensive than in the case, when the game is on the first line.
  • Select the size of the rate in the range of 0,2 -100 game coins by pressing the arrow “up” and “down” in the “Bet” box. The number of coins that you specified – is a payment for a single scroll. Thus, if the total rate of the loan is 0.2, the line rate is equal to 0.01. If you bet on the spin – 100, the number of credits per line is equal to 5.

The value of these parameters directly affects to the bankroll. The more active lines, the higher the rate at which, and the smaller the number of spins may perform user. But at high payment rates for the assembled combination are also increased. If the playing field is often appear on images that are measured at high multiples, when converted to real money you will get more.

After settings are changed, decide the game mode. Select auto-scroll by pressing the “Autoplay” button. The reels will rotate without your intervention, each subsequent spin – launched at the end of the previous and after counting the payments in case of formation of a winning sequence. This changing rate regime between rotations won’t work. If you want to diversify the game and try out one of the most popular betting systems, select the rotation mode manually by running the scroll with “Spin” button.

The characters and the payment in the game

Caesars Empire slot offers to play several categories of images that different in cost, design and functionality:

Cheap pictures in this casino card game for mobile are card denominations. Minimal combination of such images consists of 3 pictures in a row and is payable at the rate of x5 bets on the line.

Dear pictures depict various objects and Cleopatra, queen of Egypt. These characters are considered advantageous because a combination of three images of this group in a number of paying off a bet on a scroll, and even two pictures in a row bring benefits.

Special images are:

  • Wild symbol is the coin with Caesar chased profile. Appearing on the 1, 2, 3 and 4 reels, this icon adds any sequence replacing the missing character. Such chains are paid in the amount of three-fold. Action picture does not apply only to scatter.
  • Scatter symbol is a Colosseum. This picture can fall in any column. Even one such symbol brings prizes and combinations are counted, regardless of the game board cells in which it appears. No matter how scattered around the screen character, he is guaranteed to be paid. If one wild symbol falls on the screen, while the Coliseum appears on the fifth, the bonus game will start.

Bonus rounds

Under certain conditions the game, the user can run a series consisting of 10 free-spins. The bonus game is conducted under conditions that were set the last player to spin the main game that activated the bonus round.

During these spins scatter replaced by additional Caesar or Cleopatra’s images. All prize-winning combination that fell during the free spins are estimated at double rate. Any loss of coins with the profile of Caesar extends a series of free-spins 5 turns.


Caesars Empire slot to play without money provides the opportunity to participate in the drawing of the progressive jackpot. Declarer amount is displayed in the column on the reeland and is often thousands or even millions of coins. This numeric value is increased with each new scrolling drum, because formed due to interest payments with interest rates. The bigger bets you make, the greater the amount of the jackpot.

It can’t be intentional to hit the jackpot. Jackpot falls by chance to complete the scroll. The amount of the jackpot is recorded on the game balance of the user. It is added to the benefit of the combination, dropped out as a result of scrolling.