Daredevil Online Slot Game

Daredevil Slot Game Review

The video slot Daredevil Scratch is another development of Playtech in the Marvel theme, this is a scratch card game, and consequently, you will not find lines, drums, special characters, additional rounds or bonus rotations here.

The device Daredevil Scratch by Playtech is dedicated to the popular comic Daredevil, so here; you can find Elektra, Spider-Man, Bullseye and Kingpin. Together with the playing cards and varieties of weapons, they are the symbols of the online game. To get the prize, you need to collect three identical icons in a horizontal or vertical row. The most valuable symbol is the icon with the game logo that will reward you with, particularly large prize if three such symbols appear on the same line.

How to play on the game machine

On the screen of the casino slot machine, you will see nine cells arrange in three columns with three cells on each, where you can collect the combinations of characters after starting the round. To start the game, you should decide the size of the bets, using the + and – controls in the tab Card Price. After that, click on Play. You can scratch the surface of the cards by pointing individually to the cells with the cursor, or use an additional function Scratch all. The Autoplay mode which is available on this machine performs this action automatically 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 times, if you click on the Autoplay button, which is in the lower right corner. The Winning indicator displays the current remuneration for a winning combination and the window Bet – the number of coins for the round.

On the principles of the game on the slots with scratch cards, see the section of our website Scratch Cards rules of the game.

Bet strategies and winnings on the one armed bandit

Recall that the prize combination is considered to be a combination of three identical elements in the vertical or horizontal row.

The range of bet per round in the free slot machine online is quite wide; accordingly, the wins size will be significantly different for each bet.

At the minimum rate the payouts will as follow:

  • The icon with the logo of the game – 50 credits;
  • Spiderman – 1 credits;
  • Electra – 0.2 credits;
  • Bullseye – 0.1 credits;
  • Kingpin – 0.04 credits;
  • Crossed Swords – 0.02 credits;
  • Nunchaku – 0.01 credits.

After this result, immediately you will want to place a large bet, or at least the average rate, so let´s consider the size of the winnings at a bet of 30 credits:

  • The icon with the logo of the game – 100 000 credits;
  • Spiderman – 2000 credits;
  • Electra – 400 credits;
  • Bullseye – 200 credits;
  • Kingpin – 80 credits;
  • Crossed Swords – 40 credits;
  • Nunchaku – 20 credits.

The result is nicer than when you play at a rate of 0, 01 credits. And what will happen if you do not skimp and make the maximum bet?

Then you can become the owner of the largest payouts:

  • The icon with the logo of the game – 500 000 credits;
  • Spiderman – 10 000 credits;
  • Electra – 2000 credits;
  • Bullseye – 1000 credits;
  • Kingpin – 400 credits;
  • Crossed Swords – 200 credits;
  • Nunchaku – 100 credits.

Indeed, the marginal rate contributes to an impressive flow of funds to the account, so you should take a chance and try to hit the jackpot, especially because in the scratch card games is not so difficult to collect three identical symbols in a horizontal or vertical position.

Maximum winnings

In the slot machine to play for free are 17 betting options available, on with each of them, the most powerful combination of three icons with the game´s logo will bring differently, but marginal sums of credits, for each of bet:

  • At the rate of 0, 01 credits – 50;
  • At the rate of 0, 2 credits – 100;
  • At the rate of 0, 5 credits – 250;
  • At the rate of в 0, 10 credits– 500;
  • At the rate of 0, 20 credits–1000;
  • At the rate of 0, 25 credits – 1250;
  • At the rate of 0, 50 credits – 2500;
  • At the rate of 0, 75 credits – 3750;
  • At the rate of 1 credit – 5000.

At a larger, more marginal bets:

  • The rate at two coins – 10,000;
  • The rate of five coins – 25,000;
  • The rate of 10 coins – 50,000;
  • The rate of 20 coins -100,000;
  • The rate of 25 coins – 125,000;
  • The rate of 50 coins – 250,000;
  • The rate of 75 coins – 375,000;
  • The rate of 100 coins – 500000;

Thus, the biggest win, which can be obtained from the free casino video game online, is equal to 500,000 credits, which will be added to your account if it bet 100 coins, and catch a combination of three game’s logo characters.

You can get a real prize in this slot, playing for real money at the xxx casino.

The slot machine Daredevil Scratch by Playtech offers a very easy way to the victory. All you have to do – is buy a card and rely on the luck. The percentage of appearance of the winning combinations is markedly high, and the wide range of rates allows you to receive significant rewards.