Fisticuffs Online Slot Game

Fisticuffs Slot Game Review

For a plenty of people fisticuffs are connected with hazard, because it is necessary to place bets on fighters. Here the situation is totally other, slot machine turns everything upside down, in this game fighters help players to get various bonuses. In the course of play session gambler needs to collect specific champions’ symbols and play one experienced player off against another in order to get maximum prize.

Rules of a game

Online slots using real money are played on five drums, each of them has three slots. In total there are 10 pay lines in the game. Combinations of symbols on game lines are made from left to right and from right to left, when symbols pre placed in clusters. Wild symbol, which is presented in two versions, appears on second, third and fourth drums. As in any other game, Wild symbol replaces any symbol on the game field and creates winning combinations. There are three ways to win in Fisticuffs slot machine:

  • Boxing Feature, which is started by a combination of two different wild symbols;
  • Stacked Wilds, which can appear on the first and fifth drum during Boxing Feature re-spin in slot machines gambling online;
  • Straight and Diagonal Wild, which appear on the second, third and fourth drums in the main game.

There are no scatters and bonus symbols in the main game. You can play on all of the 10 pay and not fixed lines. Gambler can set the size of rate on 1-10 lines. He has also a possibility of starting and adjusting automatic spins.

Description of the slot machine

The interface of the automatic machine is represented by standard designations. In order to find out payments for different symbol, pay lines, features of wild symbols you should press on “Paytable” button. To find out the current bet on pay lines is possible in “Bet” window. To change the bet on the line on casino slot machines it is necessary to press “+/-” buttons in the “Level” menu. “Autoplay”, “Play” and “Max Bet” buttons control spins, with their help you may choose the number of automatic spins, single spin or maximum bet on the line and start single spin. “Coin Value” button lets to set the value of one game credit.

Before the first spin, player needs to adjust the level of the rate on Level menu and then press “Play” button or choose the specific number of automatic spins in “Autoplay” menu. The payment is made when winning combination of three or more symbols of one type or two symbols of one type and a wild symbol drop out together.

Bets and payments in Fisticuffs gambling machine

The payment for the line in new casino slot machines is made in coins and is calculated from the coefficient for combination of symbols multiplied by the size of a rate (from 1 to 10). When player collects five symbols of one type on any line, he gets double payment for the line.

Additional payments can be received, by activating “Boxing Feature” mode. It works in two ways:

  1. A combination of Diagonal Wild and Straight Wild are placed diagonally. In such case slot above Diagonal Wild becomes additional wild symbol.
  2. A combination of Diagonal Wild and Straight Wild is placed horizontally. In such case slot on the first or fifth drum becomes the additional wild symbol.

In the “Boxing Feature” mode all wild symbols become “sticky” and they occupy the same slots during re-spins during casino slot machines play. In case of re-spin on the first and fifth drums we can see Stacked Wild, which fills all the drum.

Simple symbols with the smallest coefficient of payments are: a gong, a stool, a boot and a jug with a towel. There are just three valuable symbols: boxing gloves, cup and champion’s belt. The maximum award can be received for five symbols of single type; however, it is better to combine such symbols with wild ones in slot machines play for money.