Cops n Robbers Online Slot Game

Cops n Robbers Slot Game Review

Storylines, where the world of crime is confronted by brave detectives, are very widespread among totally free slots for fun. Slot machine Cops and Robbers from Play’n Go is a successful variation on this theme. The device is based on the plot of a famous Italian movie. Players prefer this video slot thanks to an extraordinary gameplay, interesting design and an abundance of bonus features.

Game rules

A user faces a challenge to collect on active lines as many favourable combinations of symbols as possible. For winning. A player needs to collect at least two identical symbols on a line. Before spinning the reels, you need to specify two parameters:

  • the size of a bet;
  • the number of active lines.

Anyone can play free slots for fun now Cops and Robbers thanks to the demo mode.

The structure of the gaming machine

Slot machine Cops and Robbers has 5 reels and 9 payment lines. At the bottom of the playing field, there is a control panel, where the main buttons are located:

  • Spin – the launch of reels;
  • Bet Max – the maximum bet;
  • Autoplay – automatic game mode;
  • Paytable – the table with payouts;

After a winning combination appears on the screen, another two additional buttons show up on the pale, which will be described below.

Symbols and payments of the slot machine

Free slots play reels are placed against a background image of a brick wall. Above them, you can see a city skyline. In total, the device rotates 11 symbols:

  • handcuffs (up to 100 credits);
  • criminal (up to 100 credits);
  • prisoner behind bars (up to 125 credits);
  • police officer (up to 150 credits);
  • watch (up to 250 credits);
  • painting (up to 250 credits);
  • jewellery box (up to 500 credits);
  • diamonds (up to 500 credits);
  • money bag (up to 750 credits);
  • police car (scatter);
  • safe (up to 3000 credits)

The gaming machine has an original soundtrack in the form of city noise with police sirens. During reel rotation, a funny ringtone sounds and when a prize combination fall, an animation launches. You can mute using buttons with the picture of a speaker in the lower right corner of the screen. Graphic characteristic of free slots video are quite modest. Reviews often attach the device to the retro genre, but it’s not quite fair.

Bonus features

Developers of Cops and Robbers didn’t equip the slot with a bonus round. The device has two main bonus functions:

  • scatter;
  • wild symbol

Free slots online Scatter is played by a police car picture. This icon activates a series of free spins, during which all wins are multiplied by 3. Wild symbol function is performed by the picture with a safe. It is able to substitute for all symbols in all combinations except for the scatter. It is noteworthy, that the same symbol gives the biggest payouts. A line with 5 safes can give the player as much as 3000 game credits.

Round of doubling

After each win, the user can play a round of doubling. When a winning combination appears on the reels, the control panel is supplemented by two additional buttons. If the player selects Collect option, rotations continue. If he presses the button Gamble, the risk game starts.

During the risk game, the user can increase the gain 2 or 4 times per a round. In the first case, it is necessary to guess the colour of a card suit, and in the second – the very suit. If the attempt is unsuccessful, the round can be repeated. To pick up the win and return to the main game, press Collect button.

Winning strategies

In terms of a winning strategy, the device has the following characteristics:

  • the average length of the cycle;
  • mild variance;
  • 95 % RTP (invest 100 coins – get back 95 coins)

Since the free slots you can play online Cops and Robbers has a medium level of variance, there is no connection between the frequency of wins and the cost of pictures. In this regard, in terms of variance level, the bet can be kept on the same level throughout the entire cycle. On average, a bonus combination occurs once per 10 spins. The largest gains can be obtained during free spins. If during 10-20 free rotations a combination out of scatters does not fall, the bet can be increased 2 times.

There is a correlation between the bet and the frequency of winning combinations. The higher the stake size, the more often the device pleases a player with a prize combination. Quite often, a player manages to guess the colour of a card suit in the round of doubling right from the first time. During the risk round, you can start by trying to guess the suit, and if you succeed, move to guessing the colour.

Free slots for fun no money Cops and Robbers have pretty effective and some common winning strategies, for example, “up the stairs”. The algorithm is the following:

  • to determine the minimum bet for yourself;
  • to determine the progression cycle – the number of wins, after which you need to stop;
  • after each win, double the minimum bet.

Advantages of “up the stairs” betting system are that after the first winning, the player places not his own money but the money he won.

The random number generator manages the gain on Cops and Robbers free slots games to play. However, the software has a certain beneficial period, thanks to which an online casino manages to attract players. If during the game the user notices that prize-winning combinations fall more often than usual, perhaps, we are talking right about these series of wins. At this time, it makes sense to progressively raise the bet, but it is important to stop in time and withdraw winnings.

As a safe picture is the expensive symbol of the game, it is recommended to pay special attention to this particular icon. exactly this combination can bring the player up to 3000 credits. If the safe didn’t drop for at least 15 rotations, it would be appropriate to increase the bet, as the probability of a combination with it increases. Free slots with bonus games has the main bonus game designed as a round of free spins. In this regard, if combinations of police cars didn’t appear during the cycle, the player can gradually increase the bet and then return to the initial value at the beginning of a new cycle of spins.

If a player uses the slot machine Cops and Robbers for the first time, it is very important to start the exploration in a demo mode. This is useful for several reasons:

  • the player masters the nuances of management without a financial risk;
  • it is possible to identify the length of a cycle;
  • the possibility to learn the frequency of prize combinations

Some beginners, who chose the slots for free and fun Cops and Robbers, make the common mistake. It lies in the fact that the player accepts offers of people promising to reveal the secrets of winning on this device for the money. In some cases, the player is offered to install one or another application which will allow getting wins one by one. As a rule, the player installs a malicious software that transmits personal data about financial transactions. Keep in mind, that anyone who offers to uncover all the secrets about how to win on the Cops and Robbers for money is an intruder.

The history of the gaming machine

Experienced players from the UK, who have experience of playing free slots video machines in land-based gambling venues, perfectly remember the device of the same name, in which you can play in pubs and small halls. It was a mechanical slot machine, which, despite its simplicity, always could gather a crowd of fans near. Developers from Play’n Go, who started launching their own video slots in 2005, were inspired by the popular game and created the slot Cops and Robbers.

When describing the slot, it makes sense to write a few words about the manufacturer. The company was originally a subsidiary of the largest software corporation that had been working since the mid-90s. Over time, the development team has come to the decision to start an independent activity. The manufacturer has the following features:

  • the possibility of placing a list of slots in the form of a widget;
  • integration with mobile devices;
  • HD-graphics

As for the Cops and Robbers, the classic version of this slot casino game free was created basing on the popular Italian movies of the same name, released in cinemas in 1951. This film, made in the genre of neorealism, was directed by Mario Monicelli. This is one of the first movies, where a famous Italian comedian Toto appeared. In 2008, the film entered the list of 100 best Italian movies. Moreover, it has won awards at the 67 Venice Film Festival and at the Cannes Film Festival in 1951.

The movie takes place in Rome. The main character played by Toto has to resort to criminal acts to support his family. Together with his associates, he starts the rumour that he has found an antique coin. The criminal is confronted by detective Bottoni who is at risk of losing his job because of the fraud scheme. The plot is based on the confrontation between these two main characters.

Based on the movie, a number of remakes were shot. In particular, in 1997, Russian director Nikolai Dostal made a movie “Cops and Robbers” with Gennady Khazanov in the main role. The plot was adapted to Russian reality. Also, remakes of this movie were created in 1973 by the American director of Armenian origin Aram Avakian and in 1993 by Australian film director Murray Reese.

Video free slots play online from Play’n Go is not the only game adaptation of the popular story. In 1985, Atlantis Software has released a computer game Cops and Robbers. Players got the opportunity to try on the role of the criminal and had to shot back from the police. The main goal was to get into the building of the jewellery company, collecting diamonds on the way. Additionally, Playtech company released a video slot titled Cops n Bandits at the time.

Myths about the slot machine

As any more or less popular free slots online play, Cops and Bandits has overgrown by numerous myths and legends. The most popular was the fact, that the gain depends on the alleged background noise. It was believed, that if you press the start button at a time when a police siren begins to sound, you are guaranteed to get the win. Of course, it was a coincidence, because the device that is in charge of the sound is not connected with the random number generator.

Another myth – a secret bonus game. Among the players, there was a legend, that the bonus game during which the player will have to escape from the police car, can randomly start in the middle of any spin. Many fans of the device spend many hours in vain playing and waiting for the promised round. Perhaps, this myth is based on the existence of the free slots for fun only of the same name.

Helpful information

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In some reviews of Cops and Robbers, sceptics expressed comments on the characteristics of a simple graphic of the game. However, this is not a significant disadvantage for those who places gameplay features and winning odds in the first place, but not a visual component. That is why the device has become successful in both terrestrial and virtual gambling venues among slots online.


Cops and Robbers will delight all fans of action-detective stories. It optimally combines the convenience, the simplicity and generous rewards. Casino slot play free is equally suitable for newbies and more experienced players. The device remains demanded and competitive thanks to a win-win story and impressive prospects of winning.