Chibeasties Online Slot Game

Chibeasties Slot Game Review

One of the most favourite themes of Yggdrasil developers – mythology and magic is presented on five columns and 20 wagering strips of Chibeasties free slot games for tablet. Those cute monsters established its own empire deeply in the rain forests and lure players to spin reels and catch up to 40 free spins with expanding symbol feature. Moreover, if chosen icon covers the whole reel, wins are counted twice whether it is possible.

How to enter this wild kingdom?

You can start gaming the Chibeasties slot right after triggering it using two modes for conducting the game:

  1. Ordinary one – the reels’ adventure is started with Spin button, which is pressed after the end of each round.
  2. Self-regulated – it is the autoplay mode. Press on the special icon on the slots gaming panel to select the amount of spins that will be rotated independently with the set wager. You have the pre-defined number of rotations in this selector like 10, 25, 50 and higher, or you can set the ‘unlimited’ and finish the feature with ‘Stop’ option any moment it is comfortable for you.

At the same time, such important parameter as Cash Bet requires the user’s attention. The total stake is counted in Yggdrasil slots differently than in other slot machines developed by other providers. The first difference – always fixed amount of lines. Yggdrasil aims to create the most convenient free slot games for mobile gaming, thus, the quantity of strips is set on default. Here it is 20. Another difference – in its games you need to choose ‘Coin Value’. This parameter is used for setting the general wager, as well as for crediting pays to you after assembling winning event.

For setting its denomination operate with the ‘Coin Value’ selector. It involves the range of 0.01 – 2 euros giving the wide choice for setting the total stake from the minimal 0.2 euros up to 40 euros per spin. For spending less time on clicking on the buttons, use the Max Bet parameter. It sets 40 euros on online slots betting at once.

Among another useful buttons on the gaming panel, you may find small violet ‘+’ button. It reveals the hidden menu with such special settings:

  • Game settings – advanced configurations for controlling the autoplay mode with extra settings, game speed and volume effects.
  • Paytable – reveals the table of pays, shortened description of features.
  • Rules – includes detailed rules and explanations of the gaming process.
  • Volume – for turning on/ off sound effects.

Operate with all those options to change the advanced configurations as well as checking the rules and pays.

Charming aliens in the rain forests

Cute beasties and magical plants spinning on its five columns of slots free online with each click on ‘Spin’ button. Beasties are the most precious symbols, especially, if they are lined up in five of a kind combination. The payouts for them are the following ones:

  • Warrior – 750 coins;
  • Shaman – 400 coins;
  • Charming lady – 300 coins;
  • Simple worker – 200 coins.

In order to qualify for getting the reward you need to complete the following pattern:

  1. Create the minimum three of a kind combo on any of the 20 wagering lines.
  2. The winning chain should occur only from left to right column in succession.

To calculate the pay-outs, multiply the coins amount by your current coin value in online slots machine. In such a way, you will get the sum that is credited to your balance. For example, we have assembled the winning event with pink flower (looking like alien cactus). Its three of a kind combo costs 4 gaming credits. The line stake is 0.30 euros, thus – 4×0.30=1.20 euros we have just won.

Who expands next? The meeting will show.

The main feature that can be gained in this game is free spins. It is activated with the special Scatter icon with sign on it ‘Free Spins’. It looks like wooden totem, so if you create the free slot machine victory event with them starting from three of a kind, you can collect the following prizes:

  • 10 free games – for collecting minimally 3 Scatters;
  • 20 free rounds – for 4 Scatters;
  • 40 free-of-charge spin – for five totems.

Free spins feature does not start right after creating the winning chain with totem. Before free sessions, funny Chibeasties have a kind of meeting on which they decide who of them will have the special function during the mode – expanding icon. Any symbol, even wild, can be chosen as expanding symbol. How does it work? If selected picture appears on the reels in any free slot games free spins round, first, all wins, if they are accumulated will be counted. After this procedure, the expansion happens and new chains, if they have been just created, are awarded due to the table of pays.

How to trick the slot?

No doubts, it is very intriguing question. You can try to change wagers constantly increasing them, even if you lose, or play one slot for a long time, but it is still up to the odds theory to decide whether to bring you rewards or not. The point is that it is impossible to beat the online slots, because they are operated with state-of-the-art random numbers generators that create the unpredictable chains of numbers.

That is why it is better to stick to more materialistic strategy that is based on time and money management basis:

  1. Before you start playing slots, you should better check the levels of stakes offered in this game and accordingly to your balance choose those ones suiting you the best.
  2. After it – define the general amount, which you can spend on wagering.
  3. Divide it into groups of bets (if you want to) or make always the same bets.
  4. Also, think how much you can lose. And on which amount you should better stop gaming.

Moreover, we recommend you to constantly check the time. Some games have built-in ‘reality check’ feature reminding them after some time how long they have been spinning reels in this slot, as well as reveal all their achievements.