Burning Hot Online Slot Game

Burning Hot Slot Game Review

How To Play

This classic game has 5 reels. Each containing random symbols. When you press ‘Start’ the reels will spin and stop one at a time in a random position. Your base bet size is determined by how many ‘lines’ you choose. This bet will not only determine the amount of money you wager on every spin. But also the amount of money paid for a winning combination of symbols.

Each line follows its own individual path. Selecting additional lines increases your chance of winning. It also increase the amount of your bet. Let’s say you have 5 lines – your bet size is multiplied by 5. You thus gain 5 more chances of winning on every spin.

In addition to selecting the amount of lines to play, you may also select the number of coins you want to play on each line. By increasing your bet size this way, you are increasing the amount of money paid when you win.

Your total bet size is generated is your base coin value multiplied by the number of lines you’re playing, and multiplied also by the number of coins you wagered for each Line. For example – say you chose 5 credits. 5 credits multiplied by 5 credits per line is 25 credits. 25 credits multiplied by 8 lines is 200 credits. This is your ‘Total Bet’ number. The maximum multiplier is 81 credits.

When you win, one of your winning lines will light up and show you the winning combination. Wins are triggered by matching up symbols on the left and continuing to the right. The more winning symbols that are matched, the more the payout ultimately is.

Bonus Game:

There are a ton of bonus games and prizes to win in Burning Hot. Landing on the bells will reward you with 2,000 credits. Melons and grapes will reward you with 10,000 credits. The famously classic number 7’s will give you the chance to win 60,000 credits. The 4­leaf clover is a wild symbol, meaning it will take the place of all other base symbols. But only on reel 2,3, and 4. Landing 3 Scattered Stars will win you 2,000 credits. And 5 Scattered Dollars will reward you with 10,000 credits.

Finally there is the bonus feature where you can win major coins by guessing if the color will be red or black for the next card in a playing stack of cards. You can play 5 times, each time you will double your credits, starting from 2,000 all the way up to 64,000.