Bear Tracks Online Slot Game

Bear Tracks Slot Game Review

Seems like animals become an inseparable part of free casino slots. A lot of latest video slots use animals as main plot characters, or just image animals on reels if the game doesn’t contain any plot. Novomatic free slots, which are one of the best in their class, also can show you how to put beautiful animals images on the reels to entertain the gamblers, although Armadillo Artie is a top class online casino is also strongly recommend to play.

Come to play free online slots at Slots Pill and take a closer look at Bear Tracks slot game. Why is it so good to play? First of all, it’s very simple. The action of the game takes its place somewhere, what looks like Rocky Mountain foothills in Southwest Canada. Spinning the reels you can count a lot of pandas, grizzlies, koalas and white polar bears. They are imaged in their natural habitat. Just like they came from the BBC shows. As a music for the game Novomatic software casino developer took a classic polyphonic track, which emphasizes all the classic features of the gambling slots.

Technically, Bear Tracks online casino includes 5 reels and 40 paylines structure. It gives and opportunity to cut 400X top payout if you bet a maximum possible 8K credits! Bonus and Wild symbols also take place. The combinations of every kind of bear on the reels has its own reward points. For example, 5 koalas brings 100, 5 pandas – 125. The most “valuable” animal in this slot is a polar bear. 5X bears combo on the reels gives 200! The symbol “Bear Tracks” is also rewarding. As a Wild symbol it rewards gambler with 500, replete all of the other symbols. Bonus symbol gives you extra free spins. Get them all on the reels area and get lucky for 15 free spins, including “Bear Trap” mode.

Have to say, pretty nice game, nothing more then everything you need! High chances to win increase the game popularity among the gamblers, so don’t be ignorant. Bear Tracks, by Novomatic, no download!